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Cosman WorkbenchThe Cosman Workbench - Cheap, Easy, and BEST WORKBENCH EVER

The Cosman Workbench – Cheap, Easy, and BEST WORKBENCH EVER

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The Cosman Workbench is the last workbench you will ever own. The Workbench is the most important tool for the hand tool woodworker, but until now a quality workbench was either too expensive to buy or too complicated to build. Rob solved both of these problems with The Cosman Workbench. While creating a quality workbench for professionals and beginners alike, he minimized the cost and skill to build his workbench. Made out of readily available materials, Rob’s workbench has no difficult joinery and can be built in a weekend.
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THE COSMAN WORKBENCH BUILD VIDEO: https://robcosman.com/collections/dvds/products/video-the-cosman-workbench
SJOBERG VISE:https://robcosman.com/collections/workbench-accessories/products/bench-vise
COSMANIZED CASTER SET:https://robcosman.com/collections/workbench-accessories/products/cozmanized-workbench-caster-set-4-piece
THE COSMANWORKBENCH 3D PLANS: https://robcosman.com/collections/miscellaneous/products/plans-the-cosman-workbench


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We have just released our long awaited “Cosman Workbench” video. This production is 4 1/2 hours long with an accurate cutting list and two dimensional plans. The purpose was to guide a new woodworker with limited tools, clamps and building knowledge, through the process of making a solid, heavy and long lasting workbench. This can be accomplished in a weekend and will serve you for years to come. The video will take you from material selection to installing the vise and all the details in-between. If you are venturing into the calming world of hand tool woodworking, get this video to build yourself the most important tool in the shop, the workbench! Available in DVD and On Demand (sorry, not “download”), also available for purchase are interactive three dimensional plans for use on Sketch Up.

Video is available here; https://robcosman.com/products/video-the-cosman-workbench

vise available here; https://robcosman.com/collections/workbench-accessories/products/bench-vise

bench dogs available here; https://robcosman.com/collections/workbench-accessories/products/sjoberg-1-inch-bench-dogs

bench castors available here; https://robcosman.com/collections/workbench-accessories/products/cozmanized-workbench-caster-set-4-piece

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  1. Hey Rob nice work , I notice your floors first time i watch but I couldn't stop looking at your floors your walking on bowling lanes it look like they were there and someone took gutters out and fill in with plywood notice the walnut arrows and maybe a foul line , I use too install them before they went synthetic lanes used to have a couple pieces and they made great work benches !!

  2. Do you have an idea of when the vise will be available?
    I thought I saw in one of your videos that you sealed the workbench top with tung oil. Given that MDF is like a sponge, did you roll/brush the oil on?
    Thank you for all the great content.

  3. Thank you for the call. I’m sorry if I swore but it took me completely by surprise. I will forever support your causes and your work. Thank you.

  4. I ended up making the whole bench out of baltic birch and it's great. Didn't want to deal with the MDF dust in my small garage. The only down side to the plywood top was the chipping when I drilled the dog holes, but you can remedy that by using blue masking tape. The vice and wheels in the kit are perfect. Overall very happy I chose to build this. Thanks Rob!

  5. This is a great video that answers an important question I've had in the back of my mind: is it possible to build a bench heavy enough to plane on but light enough to move across the shop?

  6. FYI In one of your live Purple Heart project videos you were talking about the mat for the sharpening station. If you know any commercial print shops in your area stop by and ask for some used press blankets (They will give them to you). They have a rubber face and a patterned cloth/canvas type backing. Most likely it will be about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch thick and you can cut it to any size you need. Or even paint on some epoxy and glue it right to the plywood. The blanket itself is extremely tough. I had a section of one work bench partially covered with some blanket material and it's very useful so you don't mark things up when moving it around.

  7. Ordered the video and plans two weeks ago and now have a really nice workbench. The video and cut list were very helpful. I highly recommend this bench for the advanced hobby woodworker that doesn’t want to spend $2500 + on a good “store bought” bench. I spent a little over $650.00 and justified (rationalized) purchasing a few new tools that weren’t required but helpful nonetheless (I like any excuse to buy shiny new tools). You really could build this bench in a couple of days – took me about four including finishing. Suggestions: Wood Owl drill bits work great for the dog holes. Don’t use too much glue like I did on the first (bench top) layer – made a mess. If you have a drill press, use it for the two inch Forsner bit holes. Do make the assembly jig as suggested. Pay attention to Rob about not putting the staples too close to the edge and away from the corner on the end of the feet. Thanks Rob for a great design and excellent instructions. You saved me $2000 and I had a lot of fun building the bench.

  8. I made my bench out of 2 x 6 yellow pine laminated. Very solid and heavy. I haven't any problems. Has remained flat and stable for 7 years. Put an old pattern makers vise on it along with a leg vise. Love it

  9. With the price and scarcity of wood here in the UK, buying plans and videos is unfortunately money that needs to be spent elsewhere.

  10. Excellent bench. I'm in the process of building something similar at the moment. I have to ask .. how did you keep the 4 pieces of 3/4 mdf square during glue up? Or did you square it up afterwards on a table saw?

  11. Hello. Two questions – what are the finished dimensions? My shop occasionally resumes use as a garage (blizzard, for example), so I’ll have to figure out where it goes when cars come in. Also, my garage floor isn’t level. Do the plans address leveling? Thanks.

  12. I purchased the plan and videos and I am ready to start working on it. My question is the horizontal stretchers are connected to the legs by 3/8 bolts. Is that a strong enough joint?

  13. Where I am at baltic birch is special order and 90usd per 4×8 sheet. Mdf is 29 per mdf sheet for 3/4. you will need 2 sheets for 4 layers. Glue 18 per gallon. 50 for video (Fair price) 275 for the very nice vice. Probably want hardwood jaws and dogs…. Say… 520 usd plus tax… Still a bargain for a nice workable bench

  14. Can your shoulder vice be added to this bench? I'm pretty sure that your tail vice can be added, but I'll ask about adding it too. I'm several months away from building a Workbench, but this looks like the best option that I've found for my needs.

  15. Congratulations on finishing the plans and video! In absence of a face vice how are you securing wood to plan an edge of it is too wide to stand it up vertically on the bench in the tail vice?

    Thanks for being such a great inspiration to the home woodworker.

  16. Hi Rob, I wanted to thank you for making this video, for a long time I figured you need a very good workbench for serious hand tool projects and they cost a fortune. I realise that this mdf bench is no match compared to your regular one but as always I trust your judgement and I'm gonna make one of these mdf benches as soon as I can. Thanks Rob

  17. So jealous, I'm a carpenter in UK. You guys in Canada and USA are very fortunate to have access to beautiful timber, ours hear is shit.

  18. It's pretty long and perfect workbench . Please have chance to see my workbench with motorized tail vise and chain front vise at my youtube channel.

  19. I got an email from Jack today on being part of the "Bench Brigade". I'm excited to get started on building a couple of these benches to give away. Now I just need to find 1" MDF. Even the local lumber store only stocks up to 3/4". I'll find a supplier one way or another. Congrats on FINALLY getting this out 🙂

  20. great looking bench
    and if you really take to hand tool work it becomes the bench that you build your forever bench with..


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