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Japanese Carpentry JointsThe Art of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery 日本伝統の技術『仕口・継手』

The Art of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery 日本伝統の技術『仕口・継手』

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At the end of the 12th century, fine woodworking skills and knowledge were brought into Japan from China. Over time, these joinery skills were refined and passed down, resulting in the fine wood joineries Japan is known for.

Here are some examples of traditional wood joineries which are still used today.

The book I referred to when marking out the joinery:
The Complete Japanese Joinery

One of my favourite joinery book:

For more photos, check out my Instagram:

Recommended books on Japanese woodworking, sharpening stones and measuring tools:
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Free Sketch Up 3D joinery models:

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In this series I explore different wood joinery techniques. This is not a ‘how to’ video. Just sit back and join me on my venture to find beautiful joinery! More Projects on: http://www.dorianbracht.com

Wood: Hard Maple, Walnut


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  1. For those interested in learning more or wanting to make joineries, I've listed some of my recommended books and resources in the description box.
    Cheers and happy weekends!

  2. That's cool and all but who could ever afford furniture or other products that are so difficult and time consuming?

  3. الله يهديكم إبتعدو عني وأهاجر وأبني حياتي أنا أتوسل إليكم هذا الكلام إنتهى إبتعدو عني لا شأن لي بكم أكررها للمرة الألف

  4. My boss use to do joinery like this to broken beams,skills like this will be lost in year's to come

  5. E io per imparellare due travi devo fare tutto sto casino belle da vedersi ma eccessive e inutili anche per i telai da finestre

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  8. What is the saw he is using at 3:41? Looks like it has teeth on both sides of it. (Did not see a link matching it in the video description.)

  9. I want to start by saying that you did great work. But is no one going to mention the large gap? With all that precision, why is there a gap where the one butts in at the end of the channel?

  10. Skill was very good but what purpose would make it practical to go to all that trouble. I understand the principle of splicing but there are easier ways which are less complicated.


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