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Laguna Cnc RouterThe after you watch everything you need to know about your Laguna...

The after you watch everything you need to know about your Laguna IQ control to get started Video.

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Hi Everyone, after making my “Everything you need to know about your laguna IQ video.” I started to have some issues with my Z-axis losing steps on rapid retract moves. Long story short, it was moving too fast. So in this video, I update some of the settings to get it to run issue-free as well as go in-depth on some of the other features I use on a daily basis. I hope this helps anyone who watches it, stay posted because I’ll probably be starting to put out project videos soon. Also, if your running a different machine than a Laguna IQ your speed settings may vary so dial it in on a per-machine basis. They all will have different capabilities.

Thanks for watching!!!

0:00 Fixing lost step issues and finding a setting that controls max feedrate in any direction in the parameters
7:13 Program coordinates/fixture offsets
12:48 Array, how it works in the control
21:40 Re-run a program fast
23:10 Calculating program time from the Gcode using the control
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  1. Another video that is needed. Good insight on setting the x speeds, y speeds, and z speed limiting parameters. Have you setup up to have the machine speeds be controlled from the g-code or are you controlling the speeds by the controller? It would seem if you set this up to control from the g-code that it would be easier just to limit the feed rates and plunge rates in the code vs. needing to go in and adjust these parameters – just curious to ensure I have a proper understanding from your last video. After the last video I went in to ensure the controller was reading from my g-code to set these rates – so should this be a problem for me – unless I happen to set my plunge rate at > 100 inches per minute?

  2. Thanks for the videos. I have the same CNC and felt, and still feel the same frustrations with the lack of information from Laguna. I've been trying to find the max feed rate the IQ can handle. I went to Laguna's assembly place near Dallas beginning of this year, and remember the employee that gave us the tour said the max feed rate on the IQ was 60ipm. Is that correct, or are you able to run it at a higher IPM for feed rate? I feel the machine can handle it, within reason, depending on the bit.

  3. Thank you for posting these two videos. You've saved me days of trying to figure it out on my own. I just got a Laguna IQ with a rotory axis, which comes with an A18E controller. It's pretty much the same controller as the A11E, but with a few added functions. A couple question if you don't mind: 1) can you set a new Z – zero incrementally through key functions? Say, I run a tool path (like your star), and I want to run it again, but 0.5 mm deeper. Is it possible to do that from the controller vs going back to Vectric and running a new toolpath?, 2) What is the vac attachment that you have (so much nicer that the stock IQ)? Thanks!!

  4. Thanks Wade for helping us with the RickAuto R11E. I have the same Laguna IQ machine but only used the basic functions of the R11E. It's so nice to hear an experienced user of the R11E which allows me to experiment with other features of the controller.


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