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5 Axis Cnc RouterSwinks 5 axis CNC Router Machining Center

Swinks 5 axis CNC Router Machining Center

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5 series machining center ,adopt fixed gantry moving table structure ,main products of JH series ,advantage of the structure technology ,design from the gantry unit ,this guarantee the powerful rigidity and strength .X axis located at gantry unit ,Y axis from moving table , moving inertia of X and Y axis at the same step ,improve the accuracy and cutting rigidity .transmission adopt technology of fixed ball screw and rotary nut ,increase the length-diameter ratio of screw and stability of transmission , application technology that four-lead screw and nut improve high accuracy and long life time of nut .Perfect rigidity ,fast speed ,enlarge working space , less floor area .

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Whatsapp:+86 186 5319 2380
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A 5 axis Shapeoko mod because I’m a nerd I guess.

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Cheaper than a PocketNC, all it cost was hours and hours of my life, lots of tears, some of my hair, and probably why my girlfriend left me. And like 2k worth of parts or whatever.

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  1. You could check out Bart Dring's 6axis board running grbl esp32. It supports your beefy TMC5160 and solves the init issue you mentioned as well. He's also built-in wifi and a webui so you can just upload the gcode from there or do the classic grbl over usb.

    My only concern thusfar – while grbl supports 5 axis, I've not seen any fully working machines so I opt'd w/ mach3 to save on me tears. (I'm mostly concerned with hitting misc unsupport g-code commands)


  2. I feel that last paragraph of the description too hard. From one rainbow person to another, don't give up on it! I've been where you've been and it's worth pushing through it. Also, I really want your code/setup when you're done with it!

  3. Congrats for getting featured on Fusion's facebook page! Good luck, looking forward to seeing it running

  4. This looks like it's gonna be cool, most of it goes over my head, but I feel like "Finally, accidentally…" is universally understood. Also I feel big dumb for this, but seeing a camera monitor used as a regular monitor was moment of "That's cool, I didn't think you could do that…now I can't think of why it wouldn't work."

  5. This is an awesome little bit of kit girl! Lots of ingenuity on your part! Well done, I look forward to seeing your progress!

  6. "Oh hey, didn't notice ya there while I'm sitting artfully on my desk with my mic nearby. Come on in while I give ya a run down on CNC machines."

  7. Just how powerful of a laptop would a beast like this require? I have an old ASUS RoG I could use for it, but I'd have to rip the thing apart for servicing, first…but I DO have a couple of old IBM Thinkpads that I've been experimenting with Linux with that might be suitable.

  8. “Why don’t we use magic?”
    “No, Magic is the easy way out.”
    “Yeah, it’s the easy way.”
    “Wait, oh yeah!”

  9. I haven’t seen trinamic drivers available in enclosures with enough heat sinking to be able to run at high current settings. Where did you get yours?


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