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Carpenter ClampsStileRite Clamps - A Time Saver

StileRite Clamps – A Time Saver

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StileRite Clamps are not a commonly known clamp, but they are money well spent in there own clamping niche. This video shows how I use them.

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  1. Seems like it might be a time saver to use the clamps on the outside frame as well so you don't have to mess with the pocket holes.

    And from seeing some of your other jigs, I could see you rigging a bunch of these together in a strip. πŸ˜†

  2. I so wish i had seen this (you had published it) a few months ago before i purchased and borrowed a bunch of clamps and did this the hard way on a big shelf job. I am not sure i should be thanking or cursing you :). Keep it up.

  3. Do you just clamp them directly to the face frame or clamp a straight edge in between so you get even pressure the length of the joint?

  4. Certainly wish I had found these last summer for my face frame kitchen cabinet install. Looks to be a much more positive clamp pressure than the cam lobed face frame style which wouldn’t hold enough pressure and kept releasing unexpectedly.
    Thanks greatly for sharing your trade knowledge.

  5. Very unique clamps. I have a question about your shelf pin holes, when you drill out the middle panel with holes on each side are the holes all the way through?

  6. Important to note that your holes should be spaced 32 mm apart. Not everybody uses the 32 mm euro spacing system. Good tip, thanks for posting.


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