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Woodpecker Corner ClampSteel Clamping Squares Are A HUGE Help With Assembly | Deep Dive

Steel Clamping Squares Are A HUGE Help With Assembly | Deep Dive

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STEEL CLAMPING SQUARES: https://www.woodpeck.com/steel-clamping-squares.html
BOX CLAMPS: https://www.woodpeck.com/woodpeckers-bc4-m2-box-clamp.html
CLAMPING SQUARES PLUS & CSP CLAMPS: https://www.woodpeck.com/clamping-squares-plus.html

Woodpeckers Steel Clamping Squares keep your projects square while you check dimensions or glue up. In this 9-1/2-minute video Jeff Farris takes you into his shop for a look at how he uses the Steel Clamping Squares and how they compare to our other assembly squaring tools.

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0:00-0:35 Welcome
0:36-2:51 Test Assembly
2:52-5:53 Glue Up
5:54-6:59 Different Clamps
7:00-7:28 Box Clamps
7:29-7:57 Clamping Squares PLUS
7:58-8:47 What should you get?
8:48-9:20 One last thing

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  1. I take it another difference is that the steel clamping squares are only meant for interior corners whereas the the clamping square plus can do both. Is that correct?

  2. Ok Woodpeckers, credit must be given where credit is due. There is not doubt you guys make some phenomenal woodworking aids and the quality is outstanding. When will we see Woodpeckers take on the ultimate multifunction work table that is portable and blows everything else out of the water. I have had a Festool for 15 years and to be quite honest with you I hate it. For what they cost I don't think there should be any compromises.

  3. Jeff -what LED lighting to you have in your shop. I noticed when the camera pans you have a slimline variety light fixture.

  4. I can attest to the box clamps and the steel clamping squares. I use the squares when I’m restoring my old 1911 window sash. They are rock solid and square during the reglue.

  5. Thanks Jeff for the explanation between square/clamp systems. I have made several homemade squares out of MDF. They work and are obviously cheaper. The main advantage of the steel square is that they are thin where the clamp head meets the square. This thickness of the steel gives the user a much tighter clamp with no chance for movement of the square or the clamp. Also, the square comes from the factory already square. It took quite a bit of time to make sure that my homemade squares are absolutely square. Also these clamps last forever, MDF or plywood, not so much. Finally, these squares are much easier to store than homemade squares, which are by their very nature much thicker and larger. If one only needs two, ok, but 6 or 8, then this makes a difference. And the three sizes is a great idea. That was small boxes are included in the use model.

  6. Great overview on some neat products, and thanks for linking directly to the store! Hope I can scrape up enough for some of these someday!

  7. I like that the clamping squares have a flange to accept a clamp head. Me, I made my own clamping squares out of plywood a long time ago. I doubled up 3/4” plywood and cut stair steps in them for different length clamps. Imagine a right triangle with the hypotenuse shaped like stairs. That’s what I use; cost, about $20. Also, as someone else said, why are your Dominos so loose? I can’t even get my unglued ones out with pliers unless I’ve made a wide mortice for side-to-side wiggle room.

  8. Now tell me; WHO has a better way to get those dadgum corners square? Huh? Yep! Yuz gottit right! Woodpeckers HAS the tool when yuz need it, evah time! GAR-OWN-TEED! As the sun comes up in the marnin! None Finer! Yesireebobwiser!

    Now I do NOT work for Woodpeckers. I just love em for what they manufacture! Yep! Try 'em. Yuz won' be sorry.

  9. Thanks, Jeff. Did you sand the loose tenons? They seem to slip together, and come apart, much easier than mine do. Love my set of clamping squares, they really help save time when gluing square corners for frames.


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