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Woodpecker Corner ClampSteel Clamping Square | Woodpeckers Woodworking Tools

Steel Clamping Square | Woodpeckers Woodworking Tools

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Simplify your project assembly process with Steel Clamping Squares. What makes our Steel Clamping Squares different from the rest is the reinforcing brace running between the two legs. Our computerized welding system holds the squares perfectly perpendicular while permanently welding the brace. And, these clamping squares are formed from steel, not plastic.

Order Today! https://www.woodpeck.com/steel-clamping-squares.html

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  1. I hope you guys later attached that jig seen at 1:04 to the spot welder for mass production. Seem horribly inefficient having to carry the thing back and forth all the time.

  2. I placed my order. It’s like you’re spying on my projects. I literally wished you guys came up with a product like this two projects ago and here “Boom” I got it.
    In retrospect, I should had wished either for all of your products to show up magically in the mail or win the lottery. 😝


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