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Router Table JigSmall Parts Holding Router Jig for your Router Table

Small Parts Holding Router Jig for your Router Table

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Making smaller parts on the router table requires a special holding jig to ensure safety and quality of cut which is why this Small Parts Holding Router Jig is such a handy item for the Router Table.

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This is a simple way to build a jig that makes it possible to cut box joints also known as finger joints on your router table ( Build video for mine: https://youtu.be/-xHVPCrR7OU ) I used some leftover MDF but you can also use Plywood for this. I recommend that you use an up cut spiral bit like this one: https://amzn.to/2TuKC38 to in your preferred size to prevent tear out. I use a sacrificial piece to prevent tear out on my workpiece.

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  1. Thanks, Colin. A small piece of stock just flung off my router table, nicked my hand and left a nasty mark in my wall. This sled will save the day (and my fingers).

  2. I seriously like how you keep it clear, simple & concise. You show each step very clearly. AND, the thing I like most, you don't waste my time being pushed at sponsors. Thank you.

  3. That’s gotta be the most stupid thing it not very functional if your making cabinets unless it for a doll house.

  4. Very nicely done, I should make one (pallet wood maybe). Have you ever had vibration issues with the piece being held by the two plywood pieces? Had to install any felt or sandpaper on the inside sides to hold the piece firmly? Just curious. Love your videos

  5. Good job, simple but effective build. Colin do you have any tutorials on repeat cutting of even smaller parts ? I want to make a couple of toy pull along grasshoppers and am having trouble trying to replicate the legs

  6. 6:10 instead of bolts I usually use a T-nut here and screw in a piece of threaded rod with some permanent thread lock applied. Hundreds way to skin a cat

  7. This is a great idea for those small pieces that I can never seem to get right on my router table. One thing to mention is that if you don't want to go to the trouble of grinding the sides off the T nut head you can use toilet flange bolts which are ready-made with the sides cut off.

  8. How do you get your router bit to stick up so far above the table? I had to cheat how far it went in the collet to get it above the table, forget putting a slide on top of that, yet.

  9. Not for a beginner that's for sure I have seen a few simpler one then this and with a lot less cutting and material. This is more for the novelist but is a nice jig.

  10. Great jig for the router table and I subscribed for 2 reasons:
    1. Love the way you produce your videos. Quick, to the point, no unneeded talking.
    2. For the sound effects. Those are spot on. Laughed each time you used a power tool. Well done!!

  11. Looks like just what a novice like me needs but without some dialogue I've no idea what just happen. Any chance of running another with some back ground guidance?

  12. plus vite sur le vissage et moins vite sur la coupe des queues a la fin de la vidéo aurais été mieux Cdlt

  13. this have wery dangerous if use plywood, all explore to you eye. or broken you fingers. need lot strongest clamp keep piece at cut to jig. i just yesteday build this and made test box. plywood not can use, broken all and fly away out jig.

  14. I made this jig following your video. Do you place a sacrificial board in front of the workpiece to avoid tear out on the workpiece. Thanks for the video.

  15. I already make the router table you posted here. Now I'm gonna make this!!! Thank you for the detailed video. it's really simple to watch and do the same. Gongrats. Greetings from Uruguay!!!


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