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One Plank Woodworking ProjectsSingle Board Build Off | I Like To Make Stuff

Single Board Build Off | I Like To Make Stuff

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I went to head to head with Josh to make some beautiful projects in a single board build off!
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  1. I liked that you guys were having a lot of fun making your projects and the video but for me, I found it hard to follow. Thanks anyway.

  2. Great ideas guys. Thank you for sharing and helping me to think outside the box. Also the tip of light colored pencil when working with walnut was perfect.

  3. The married luttuce evolutionarily desert because tortoise neurobiologically taste minus a dynamic approval. sad, berserk tortellini

  4. Ok I really love this video so far, Iโ€™m about half way through, and I like you showing the problems that show up from time to time in all of our shops, like the jointer issue, the bandsaw, and the hose popping off the planer. Cool video.


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