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Scout Woodworking ProjectsSimple Squirrel Feeder - Cub Scout Project - Baloo the Builder

Simple Squirrel Feeder – Cub Scout Project – Baloo the Builder

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I walk through a simple squirrel feeder I designed to where 2 kits can be made from a “bed slat” 39 inch piece of 1×4 common board you can pick up at the home improvement store for a couple bucks. The entire project can be completed with hand tools (remember your Cubs can’t use power tools!) but I found that doing the cuts and drilling pilot holes myself and letting the Cubs practice with a hand saw on another project kept the build to a single Den meeting allowing time to discuss wood finishes, tool use, and SAFETY prior to beginning.

You’ll send the constructed feeder home with the Cubs to have them sand and finish the wood for mounting outdoors. Hand out a piece of sandpaper to each scout (many small sheets can be purchased for at the “Dollar Tree”). I suggested a water-based paint to my Bears even though I ended up using a matte clearcoat on mine after a bit of torching. Cubs shouldn’t be using torches, but I never pass up a chance to use a torch, even when it isn’t strictly necessary.

1 39″ 1×4 common board (enough for two feeders)
Mitre box and saw (or power mitre saw)
Two 1 1/2″ wood screws (and another two for mounting feeder)
Rubber band
Wood Glue
One 2 1/2″ wood screw
Drill or Bit & Brace with bit for pilot holes based on screw size
“squirrel corn”

Music: Moonshine Town by JR Tundra
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