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Benchtop MortiserShop Fox W1671 Mortising Machine Operation and Setup

Shop Fox W1671 Mortising Machine Operation and Setup

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  1. I just bought one used that is missing the gas spring to hold up the head. I don't see it on yours. Would you say it's an expendable part? Not sure if I will replace it.

  2. Mine makes the same noise when turned on. If I push the chisel forward a little, that metal on metal rubbing sound is gone. It turns out, as soon as I tighten down the chisel, the screw pushes it back a tiny bit, but auger bit stays in center. So bit is scraping the front of chisel. After a few cuts, the chisel and auger bit get really hot. I tried oil to reduce friction between them, but as soon as wood chips are hollowed out, it starts rubbing again. Have you done anything to counter this?

  3. Good video.  Thank you for the information on the bit positions.   I didn't understand that clearance was necessary.  Have a good weekend.

  4. Very helpful. Thank you! I inherited my Dad's 1937 Companion drill press with mortising attachment and also, thought that the drill bit went up inside the chisel. Now, I know better. Apparently, there was a learning curve for my Dad too. One of the chisels was replaced, as it was pretty burned up.


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