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Bandsaw ProjectsSherwood 14” Bandsaw / Unboxing, Set Up and Review

Sherwood 14” Bandsaw / Unboxing, Set Up and Review

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Sherwood 14″ Bandsaw / Unboxing, Set Up and Review is taking a look at this versatile Bandsaw that is available in from Timbecon Woodworking Supplies.
The TImbecon 14″ Bandsaw can handle many tasks such as curvature work, Resawing, fine Profiling and many other tasks.
The Sherwood 14″ Bandsaw is a fantastic entry level Bandsaw for any Woodworker starting out or established, it is in essence the great all rounder of Bandsaws.
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  1. Hi mate hope lock down is not too stressful. I have the same 14" sherwood Bandsaw purchased in Melbourne about 18 months ago so it possibly the same model. I am happy with the unit but agree the fence is not as good as it could be. I note that you upgraded yours, could you advise the make of the new fence? Thanks mate stay safe.

  2. Hey mate,
    great video!

    just wondering if you share more about the after market fence you've attached to it?

  3. G'day Mate and what better to come back to from a break away than a Sumo video!! You ought to be a video instructor making film for people on woodwork apprentice schemes or maybe the films on YouTube demonstrating construction of tools from the box to actually forming a part in creating something – to a great extent you do already but doing it for a particular company might produce significant income. I say this because I am really impressed with your delivery. If my sons were teenagers I would sit 'em down and I know the way you get the information over would be excellent for learning the skill to see the construction of machines as well as the skill in use. I was amazed to hear the other day that people are reaching the age of 20 not knowing how to wire a plug or do simple household repairs – in the UK there used to be good public information films after WW2 so that fatherless people learned to do for themselves – we need tutors nowadays!
    On a more serious note Trump has written a tween asking for material to build his wall – you could send him your whole unwanted fence!!! 🙂 Grouse video and good entertainment – cheers!!! 👍👍👍😃

  4. Looks a great bandsaw dirk what makes it even better is my channel sticker on there lol have a good day buddy

  5. I don't have any Sherwood machines and there is no retail outlet in my state but I note that since 2015, they have a 5 year warranty whereas everything else in that price range seems to have a 1 year warranty.

  6. Great vid mate, noticed this bandsaw in your videos recently and wondered how it performs. What make is the after market fence ? I have a bandsaw that was given to me somewhat in pieces, it is fixed and works ok now but does not have a fence !! It too is a 14" but with a alloy table.

  7. Great review Dirk – seems like and awesome saw- exactly the kind of thing I need and my purchasing decisions ultimately all get based on reviews of this kind – cheers mate. Does Timbecon have a branch in Auckland or will I have to go to Carbatec? That blade you use for resawing is a ripper!

  8. Nice looking bandsaw sir. We don't have that type of bandsaw here in Canada but it looks like it should serve you well. I was wondering if your after market fence that you installed, interferes with the split table and the blade changes. It looks like it covers up the opening in the split fence. Either way, great show sir and I'm glad that you are enjoying your saw.

  9. I starred in your video!! Love your shirt, need to find one in a whiskey for my FIL.

    Great video, as always. Looks like a quality rig. When I come visit, someday, you’ll have to let me give it a spin. 👍👍

  10. Looks like a great bandsaw! And that new fence looks great! One of these days I need to get a bigger bandsaw my littlr bench top is only 10 inch, and only 4 inches tall, I've ran into alot of problems because of that. Keep up the good work mate!


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