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Carbide Router BitsSaw Blades & Router Bits Sharpening Jig

Saw Blades & Router Bits Sharpening Jig

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Saw Blades & Router Bits Sharpening Jig

After several months of use, all of my table saw blades need to be sharpened, so I’ve thought about making a jig to sharpen them at home.

More info on my website: https://bit.ly/3q0L1ap
Plans for this project: https://bit.ly/2V4YSy7

Diamond Sharpening Disc: http://bit.ly/2RpbCfc

Modular Workbech Plans: https://bit.ly/2V1VzaS
X-Motion DIY Portable Mortiser Plans: https://bit.ly/3fT7lQE
Band Saw Plans: https://bit.ly/2JisRjf
Multi-Function Workbench Plans: https://bit.ly/39eKtrr
Edge Belt Sander Table Plans: https://bit.ly/3lgnNJS
Lathe & Disc Sander Plans: https://bit.ly/3fFh1fa
3D Router Plans: https://bit.ly/37f6HH0
Portable Workshop Plans: https://bit.ly/36iYmTp
Router and Saw Table Plans: https://bit.ly/33q7xj1

T-shirts and Stickers: http://bit.ly/2RMYDET


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  1. Love your idea, very interesting but why would not put the angle grinder standing up right in a U shaped bracket with a flat base. then you would not need to make another table. you would simply rotate or tilt the grinder in any direction. I have not made this jig yet but plan on it soon. thanks for the idea keep up the good work.

  2. Very nice!!.. but if he keeps using the table saw that way, you're going to have to find him on Youtube by searching for 'lefty'

  3. سلام .این نوشته ها جلو دید را میگرند لطفا طوری عمل کنید که جلو دید گرفته نشود .چون نه زبان شما ونه خط شمارا نمیدانیم .از برنامه تان متشکرم.


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