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Ryobi Wood LatheRyobi Band Saw Review and Test!

Ryobi Band Saw Review and Test!

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  1. I have one of these too But the ON switch I converted it with a Foot Paddle Switch, just like what you'll see in the Singer Electric Sewing machine 😜 yeah I did that on purpose for safety reasons. If anything goes wrong I can just release my foot off the paddle and the band saw machine will automatically turned off.

  2. All of these similar sized bandsaws are of the same design, having the same exact features. What they need (Which I have given my 9" WEN) is a sealing system that keeps most of the saw dust inside the housing so a vac can pull it out and something I wish they had was an inscribed measuring scale on the table top so the rip-fence can be made square easily.. I put door and window weather strips on mine but I'll have to buy a peel and stick tape measure.

  3. Nice job! New sub. I'm struggling whether to buy this one or the Harbor Freight one for $50 less. I've been told they're the same machine but I can't find a good review like yours. Thanks.

  4. This was the best video I"ve seen yet on this saw. (Iwish it was cheaper in Canada; goes for $195.00 here at Home Depot. I appreciated you demonstrating with the 2X4 and 4X4. It was good to see one in action. I just returned one of these to the store; the reason being the table was in terrible shape, with gouges and deep scratches and some that looked like corrosion near the blade hole. I'm thinking about whether I should try again. But you educated me on what the capabilities of this saw really are,; good job. I'll maybe reconsider this purchase. I'd like to think that Ryobi has a handle on its quality control, with regard to the condition of the parts; that's the main issue for me right now.


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