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Wood Router LowesRouter Basics

Router Basics

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Router Basics

There are countless ways that routers can be used. Today we will be learning about how to route a decorative profile on a board. There are different styles like a roundover, chamfer or an ogee.

Attach the bit into the router. Tighten it first by hand then with a wrench so it is secure. Reinstall the base. Raise the bit so the straight cutting edge is above the board. Move the bit into the wood until they touch. Move the bit along the wood and once you get to the end, pull the bit from the wood and release. Using different bits can add an decoration to a piece of wood. To find Skil routers at Lowe’s visit http://www.lowes.com/Search=skil+router?storeId=10151&langId=-1&catalogId=10051&N=0&newSearch=true&Ntt=skil+router

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  1. Like the fact he is wearing safety glasses; routers can be very noisy with high pitched squealing. Good idea to wear ear plugs too. 


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