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Roll Top Desk PlansRoll Top Desk Flip $600 Profit For 30 Minutes Work | Start...

Roll Top Desk Flip $600 Profit For 30 Minutes Work | Start Making Nothing But Money!

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So a while back I bought an Oak Roll Top Desk for 0 (same place I got the 70’s furniture for Lake investment) I finally put an ad on Craigslist to sell for ,000. First caller called offered 0. SOLD! These desks cost about ,000 new so in the end we both got a good deal. I invested 0. and about 15-30 minutes time. Start somewhere! Build that moneymaking engine. One of the main reasons I bought this desk is to demonstrate to those of you that you can start small. The main thing is to get started!

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  1. Tom as our landscaping businesses grew over yrs, flipped hand tools , skid steers , trailers & trucks. Made good money at farm auctions. Someones junk is your treasure.


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