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Rockler LatheRockler Mini Carbide Lathe Tool Replacement Carbides From AZ Carbide

Rockler Mini Carbide Lathe Tool Replacement Carbides From AZ Carbide

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Rockler Mini Carbide Lathe Tool Replacement Carbides From AZ Carbide

AZ Carbide has carbide replacement carbides for less than half the price of Rockler original carbides. They fit perfectly. I love the Rockler Mini Carbide Lathe tools with their flat bottom and round shafts. They are the perfect size for a 10 by 18 lathe like the Rockler Excaliber, but the cost of replacement carbides made them seem too expensive. AZ Carbide replacement carbides makes these tools now well worth the price. AZ Carbide has a cross reference for most popular brands of lathe tools .

using POISON IVY on “modified” craftsman wood lathe (making rockler long pen) turning down

Making these pins on the wood lathe is so relaxing, it’s fun to see a piece of poison ivy take on a new life as an executive pen. These poison ivy blanks are stabilized with acrylic so all the oils are encapsulated. You’ll see the transformation from a rough block of poison ivy to a beautiful piece of artwork **************************************************

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  1. I have the rockler mini carbide wood turning tools too! Could you please share the sizes for the Rockler mini?

  2. Thanks for posting. This will be a big help for Rockler users. I have the same tools and need to replace my cutters.. Would you mind posting the AZ Carbide part #'s of each bit? Thanks.


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