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Craftsman 12 Inch Wood LatheRestored Craftsman 12 inch wood lathe Model 113 series

Restored Craftsman 12 inch wood lathe Model 113 series

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More details on this rebuild are on my website, WestyJoe Woodworking – https://sites.google.com/view/westyjoewoodworking/lathe-resto
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Dug grandpa’s old lathe out of the shed. Mounted motor to a hinge.
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. i bought a used one like this. did you have a difficult time lining up the headstock pin with the tail stock? mine are off a bit. i would prefer to know how to align rather than simply adding a shim.

  2. So, i have one of these, and i have no idea how to use it. It came with my grandpas wood shed… Its exactly like this. But, I think its missing the parts the holds the wood in place. First, what are they called and where can I get replacement ones? I have a bit that looks like the one in this video (On the left side), but it just spins freely and there doesn't seem to be a way to secure it (Does it require some type of drill press head type thing). Also, I think I have the long bolt and the wheel looking thing for the right end, but I don't have a bearing or bit to hold that end of the wood… Again, I have no idea if im using the correct terms or anything!

  3. Well at least I know now that I’m not crazy but I did find one on eBay but now I do all sorts of crazy stuff to support it I don’t trust it so I’m gonna get me a grizzly 733 what do you think about that it’s a big step for me but I want to turn some air

  4. Hey friends! I’m looking for where I can buy a live center for this model, I got this exact lathe for Christmas but it didn’t have one. Thanks!

  5. Should of read it before the the number 758222 I’m gonna set up shop can’t wait I have 10/8 area working my way out thanks for yrtime

  6. Hey how you doing first time I got one of those lath I hope you can help me I’m looking for a cool rest bace it broke trying to find one The part that goes on the bar is cool the tourist is cool but that cast iron slide rope I can see that it was broke before had a crack in it please help me out my first leave I’ve had it for two weeks I build bowls and not last night it broke again had it repaired not a very good repair but I was hoping you could guide me plus were a bunch more stuff right now so if you could help me out man it would beReally awesome I know you’re busy man so if you can help me out at all please get a hold of me thank you

  7. Thanks for the video and a great job on the restore. I've purchased an identical lathe here in Canada but the manufacturing labels are for Canadian Tire. My question is do you know if there are jaw chucks available for the head stock with the #1 morse taper available. And have you noticed the tail stock moving left or right and not centring on the head stock at all. I ask because the tube my tail stock rides on has small indents along its length as if the tube has been machined by the tail stock vice if that make sense I guess the word should be ridges from where the tail stock has been clamped and may have been vibrating back and forth. Thanks.

  8. Hi I have a craftsman tube lathe made in the 60s. If when I tighten down the tail stock it shifts left and right a little if this normal or is there an adjustment I can do also how would I take the tail stock off to paint it?

  9. I got this lathe free – I just throw a tarp on it and keep it outside. My brother put a 3 way switch on it for reverse. I pulled the way out where I could turn a 15 inch flower pot. You can learn a lot with this for your first lathe. https://youtu.be/Tltuw-eCDZY

  10. I have this same lathe, still new to using it. I'm just curious about changing the speed. Is it the smaller the pulley size the faster the speed, or bigger pulley faster speed?

  11. very nice, I just purchased and old model 113.23881, I'm new to turning and just fired it up tonight. Didn't go so well, the wood kept slipping on the head stock. Great vid any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I have that same lathe with the same chuck/point on it but I can't get the point out? Any tips how to do that?

  13. Old advice on belt drives: if it doesn't slip, that's tight enough. Over tighten and you wear out belt and pulleys. Also might consider link belt which reduces vibration.

  14. You Better add a Rubber grommet to the Electric motor wire the electric wire goes inside to motor. being loose an moveable like the video shows it will soon short out rubbing against the metal edge from Vibration

  15. I have the exact one I got in a batch of wood tools I purchased from a friend's grandmother whos husband passed. It runs great and I'm having fun learning. But it only has one way to hold the wood, same bits as yours, I'm looking for a chuck or something to hold the piece from just one side so I can make a bowl

  16. How do you change the attachments for these. I just received I believe the same model. 113.23800
    I’m having a hard time. Came with no instructions.

  17. I'm trying to replace the bearings on the spindle, I took the screw out of the spindle pulley and it won't come off. Any suggestions please?

  18. Your motor should be running a 4 groove pulley identical to the headstock,(Grainger) If you look up the owners manual for these old lathes Sears printed an RPM chart for wood size and belt combinations, i just rebuilt the same model and having a ton of fun.
    also you can buy new bearings for the headstock on amazon for cheap, i just ordered a set for 13 bucks,
    "Vintage Craftsman 9" & 12 Wood Turning Lathe, Spindle Bearings, 18229, 816868"

  19. I'm trying to replace the bearing on the spindle, I took the screw out of the spindle pulley and it won't come off. Any suggestions please?

  20. I was given this lathe it's loud and cuts like CRAP. Maybe all it needs is two new Bearings? Thanks for sharing.

  21. Just bought this lathe and I have no idea how to properly chuck a piece into it and run it. Would you make a video to explain how to chuck a piece up and turning tips?

  22. I have had this lathe for 5 months now and have experienced nothing but enjoyment and ease of use. Works right out of the box with no set up or adjustment.>>>ur2.pl/854   Heavy duty construction makes for no wobble on the bench top without any screws to hold down even on larger bowls. Great variable speed, and reversible for sanding if you like. have turned pens, stoppers, bowls, goblets and just about anything I can think of this tool performs well. I have not tried the outboard side for turning yet, but plan to make a heavy duty tool rest stand from the floor and try turning much larger bowls. Seems like it wood work, but will not know until I try.

  23. Hey I have the same lathe also.and only single pulley on motor if you was only able to hook up one pulley on lathe which one ? the center ? I have the large one hooked up but I think that's the slowest.i was also wanting to find attachments to clamp to wood.

  24. I would cover the belt back up if possible. If the belt is real old it may be too stiff and will make noise. May have to replace it. They are expensive but worth it. Good job. The weights work just fine. This lathe is a real work horse. The tube will rust up real fast if you don't keep lube of some type on it. With a center in the head and tail stock bring them together to see if the points touch. If they do great! If they are very far off, the lathe will not run true. If this is the case you may have to place one or more shims in the tail but that is not an easy task. Search for it, there is a video on how to do this. Have fun!

  25. You can get bearings at Motion Industries. Just take bearings out and take with you to get same ones. i have two of these lathes and have no problem with bearings but an old timer told me what to do when I need them.

  26. I've got the same lathe, and I was looking on ebay for a chuck kit, and come across a bunch of parts at reasonable prices. You need a step-down pulley for the motor as well as the lathe, you may find it on ebay.
    see ya

  27. You might consider replacing that old lightweight extension cord for the motor with a universal tool cord from Home Depot/lowes


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