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Wood Carving Chisels & GougesRenovating an old Robert Sorby gouge

Renovating an old Robert Sorby gouge

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  1. Nicely done Andy 😁. Lovely Job. I imagine it's going to be your new favourite tool for a while . Sounds like it's you and the gouge have made the long trip from Sheffield to enjoy the sunny Cornish weather 😁. Hope to see it in action in your upcoming videos. Thanks for the video 😁👍.

  2. Nice job Andy a big percentage of my tools are all old most of which have been picked up at boot sales where sellers have no idea of the quality they have

  3. That's great renovation, Andy. Looks almost like new but good it is almost becouse now is still having some story, some soul. Great work my friend. All the best. Rav

  4. Now this is what I call a bona fide spindle tool. No namby pamby tang😁 And thanks to you Andy, a proper handle to do it justice. 👍 Thanks for sharing what and how you did the restoration sir 🙏 Stay safe. -Mike

  5. Nice video Andy! Well done job of making it look much nicer.
    I love really old tools and I have many Buck Brothers chisels that I have had for many years and they were old when I got them.

  6. 1st. Hi Andy, I believe that is called a Continental or European Roughing Gouge. Great restoration. What disc did you use to polish as I have a similar gouge which I bought at a market and it is dated fro WW2 and would love to get it looking like that one. Take care Andy. Cheers, Huw


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