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Power Wood Carving For BeginnersPower Carving, Wood Working with an Angle Grinder

Power Carving, Wood Working with an Angle Grinder

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Some of the woodworking tasks we take on in boatbuilding have a lot in common with sculpture, as we carve our way from a block to a purposeful shape. Angle grinders are standard tools for working metal, but they can be equipped with special wheels designed for working wood, and spinning at over 10,000 rpm, they can move wood very quickly.

Read the article from the February 2018 issue of Small Boats: https://smallboatsmonthly.com/article/power-carving/

Basic Wood Spirit Pine Knot Power Carving - The Nose / Rough out

Basic Wood Spirit Power Carving – Creating The Nose

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Recently I’ve started uploading to this channel to share methods/techniques I’ve learned & developed over the years so that you can take your carvings to the next level and beyond.

I post vids on a regular weekly basis which hopefully isn’t hindered with the seasonal farm work I do in the Fall season(I think it’ll be ok).

My webpage is:
(It’s terribly in need of updates so bear in mind it’s limited capacity. There’s some fotos of previous work that’s been sold or donated to view.

Tools used:
~Dremel Generic
~Dremel flex shaft
~Dremel Stylo + / 2050 model
~Saburr coarse spherical bit 1/2” ball – 1/8” shank
~Saburr coarse flame bit 1/8” shank
~Egg carbide burr 1/8” shank
~Dremel high speed cutter #190/#191
~Diamond burr spherical 3/32”
~Metal scribe/custom
~steel wool

music – https://freesound.org/people/Sunsai/sounds/415804/


© 2021 wood-psyche

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  1. I-G thanks for the video, the close ups are very cool so we can see how you do it. Looking forward to the next one. Stay safe see ya later.

  2. Best carver on the Net! I love your use of wire wool, leaves a beautiful finish, so much detail! Thank you my friend, so looking forward to the next video :}


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