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Woodworking Workbench PlansOzzyOcker Workbench - Full WOODWORKING Build

OzzyOcker Workbench – Full WOODWORKING Build

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OzzyOcker Workbench - Full WOODWORKING Build

My OzzyOcker woodworking workbench is finally complete. Equipped with a non-racking HNT Gordon front vice and a HNT Gordon tail vice, I think this bench will outlast me tens time over.


OzzyOcker Workbench Plans

Link to the in depth build videos for the OzzyOcker Workbench


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  1. Perfect size for my first build and first workbench. Will get those plans.
    It would be good if you do a segment for first timers on essential tools for beginners

  2. 1st time viewer
    One can tell, just viewing through the vid,
    that is 1 rock solid bench!
    Congrats & good job!

  3. +4354 . Hello my new friend.

    This is a great workbench. nice job. I saw that we had something in common and I came to your channel. It's nice to create and share a variety of ideas to help many people. Congratulations. I want to see you on my channel. Thank you for sharing. See you in our new projects.

    Great greetings.

  4. Awesome bench, love the recap video. Just bought an old one of Gumtree so I have something to build my own. What timber did you use, looks lovely?

  5. Masterful. Just finishing off the Cot build, will be up the full instalment of this in no time and I can't wait. I don't think I have sufficient ass-clamp (or skill, tools, time or space… or skills.) to make this sorta thing yet but it is firmly added to the dream project list. Absolutely brilliant mate.


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