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Shaper WoodworkingOld Wood Shaper Back In Use (Cleanup / Restoration)

Old Wood Shaper Back In Use (Cleanup / Restoration)

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The wood shaper, also known as moulder, is a woodworking tool used to mill profiles or notch wood. The one I have here was in very good condition and not seized at all even if stood unused for more than 10 years (according to the gentleman who sold it to me).

I don’t have any interesting information about this brand and can’t find any precise information about period or manufacturer. Base and fence are cast aluminum, table is cast iron with a very nice shaper finish on top side.

Stuff I used:
Petrol as de-greaser
Penetrating oil to help losen fasteners
Synthetic oil on all clean surfaces
Steel whool to buff the brass plaque
Fusion 360 to design the holder and PETG to print in on the CR-10

This machine was intended to be used with three phase mains voltage. Since I don’t have access to that in my workshop I used capacitor as static phase converter to run it on my home single phase mains voltage.

I used one run capacitors of 8uf and one start capacitor that connects to the motor only to start it up of 100uf.

You can calculate (roughly) capacitor size knowing the motor horse power:
run capacitor = hp x 5
start capacitor = hp x 60
And be sure to get some with high voltage rating like 400.

Using capacitors to simulate third phase works great and it’s very easy to do but you lose some power (up to 1/3 I think) so keep that in mind for some other machines, it might be a problem!

In my set up I have to manually connect the start capacitor to the motor by holding the momentary switch (I wired up here 14:10) until the motor gets up to speed so two or three seconds.

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
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  1. Recently subscribed to your channel, your work is always incredible. I was just wondering, why are capacitors needed in a 3 phase motor?

  2. Please put a wood fence on that slot cutter your piece of wood was barely long enough if it caught and tipped in it would’ve pulled your hand in. Don’t estimate the power of that little shaper. Nice project.


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