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Powermatic MortiserMy New Mortiser Wooden Boat Restoration

My New Mortiser Wooden Boat Restoration

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This is a short clip of my Powermatic Model 10 Mortiser. I bought this mortiser in the spring of 2009 from a company that bought it from a school auction in Wisconsin. It was build around 1963 and it was in really good shape. It had the original green paint. I did refinish all the parts that were painted yellow. I could tell that this machine didn’t see much use.

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  1. you apply wax to the mortising chisel? never occurred to me!
    gonna try it. does it affect gluing? I find heat buildup always present
    which is hard on chisels and I work carefully.
    thanks for the idea man!
    too lazy to use caps with my one finger typing method.


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