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MortiserMortiser Review: Powermatic 719T

Mortiser Review: Powermatic 719T

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A mortising machine makes cutting mortises fast and easy. Learn how to set up and cut mortises with a hollow chisel mortising machine. These tips will help you get great results with your mortise machine.

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  1. Would it be a lot quicker clearing it out with a router then just cutting the ends with a mortising machine?

  2. What if my stock was wider than my JET mortiser can handle? I am trying to put a mortise in a 2×10 but the depth of travel will not allow me to get that board under the chisel. Is there a work-around for this?

  3. Is there supposes to be a video here? I can hear the audio, but only the teaser photo is available. Still picture, no video.


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