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Woodworking FurnitureMaking Wooden Knobs for a Blanket Chest - Woodturning and Woodworking Furniture...

Making Wooden Knobs for a Blanket Chest – Woodturning and Woodworking Furniture Restoration Project

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I saw this Blanket Chest for 8 Euros and had to buy it. It is full of character, but had no Drawer knobs. Of course I didn’t mind this as it gave me the opportunity to add something of my own to it. I don’t know how old it is, but as you can see from the joinery and especially the dovetails, it was built to be a functional piece of furniture with a beautiful exterior. I have an idea that the Drawers are veneered with book matched figured Birch because the Chest is Sweden originally and Birch would have been a common choice for this style of work. I selected Hard Maple to make the Knobs as it will darken to a close match over time and is very durable for regular use.

Music by The Wood Yogi
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I like the idea of making my own Tools, especially if it is a Tool that is not easily found or readily available. Handmade Tools give great satisfaction and for me it is fun knowing that I created something to help me better improve my woodworking experience.

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  1. Very cool Chris! That is a lot of work but they turned out really nice. p.s. nice shout out to a great channel at the end 🙂

  2. We liked your video👍! Good job and great result. From wood on a lathe, you can do beautiful and useful things. We wish you well-being!

  3. Buen trabajo, una buena forma de dar nueva vida a los muebles antiguos, quedo muy linda la cajonera.
    Felicidades maestro.

  4. Hello my friend.

    A great idea. You have created decorative and stylish wooden buttons on the wood lathe. Congratulations. I watched it with pleasure. Thank you for sharing. See you. Great greetings. Stay healthy and safe…

  5. Aha! The Skew Chisel King is Back! Very nice little vid Chris, and what a grand find for eight euro! I love the maker's marks left on it. It has real character, just terrific that it will be a part of someone else's life now. Great to see you back on the air mate.


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