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Kumiko WoodworkingMake a kumiko pattern

Make a kumiko pattern

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Hello Folks,
A few months ago, many viewers emailed me to express their interest in the traditional Japanese carpentry, to show the most genuine view of traditional technology and its importance to the present life. We decided to make these videos about the direct work of workers and carpenters at The Conservation of Buildings.
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This video was recorded by construction camera systems (Some of my friends have given it to me). I have edited it, adding new effects and music to create a new creation as follows: “Amazing Woodworking Project Traditional Crafts – Most Incredible Sliding Doors You’ve Ever Seen”

Today, this video may be more appealing because of the appearance of Young Craftsman: Matsubayashi Keisuke from Nagano Prefecture

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Thanks guys
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Аккуратно, красиво, но нахрена? может как решетка на вент-окно?

  2. For anyone interested, a master of this work named Des King wrote 3 books explaining everything about this type of work. It outlines all the basic tools needed to do something this. It explains how to make the jigs and gives tons of examples and designs. Highly recommended as a learning tool as well is inspiration.

  3. How did you learn to do this beautiful art? How long does it take to do an "easy" piece? I'd love one on my wall👍

  4. must be nice to work somewhere where quality is more important that time spent making it.Thats why they get so good, else where in the world it needs to be done yesterday

  5. An awesome end result.
    Yeaa, I also learnt woodworking a lot and in LOVE with it from


  6. I didn`t intend to utilize this woodworking website, TopFineWoodworking. Com but rather curious about it. I was truly impressed after trying it. I was looking to find out more about the art of woodworking, and was not dissatisfied. I found several topics such as wood types and designing your workshop.

  7. Makes you think why nations war with each other! When teaching each other expands the union between WorLd s!!! Language is knowing the actions of creation!
    By watching, interacting and becoming a part of each other! Brings back old ways!! Life is not being in a city as a cancer scared of the dark… Spreading..!
    It's seeing in the light, what others can really do!! Follow the light… God bless


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