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Midi Wood LatheLaguna Midi Lathe Review

Laguna Midi Lathe Review

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I share some thoughts about my new Laguna midi lathe, a Revo 1216 in in this Laguna Midi Lathe Review. I have been turning on it for a while and I share my Laguna customer service experience.
I upload new wood turning videos regularly so Ya’ll come back, hear?

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Laguna Revo 1216 https://youtu.be/SlMd8fz4psM

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  1. Hi Mike, I'm looking at replacing my Nova 16/24 with something a bit smaller and this video provided me with some good information. Are there any other midi lathes you would consider? I was looking at Record but the footprint is a bit large also the spindle is Metric. Not that metric is a big deal but I either need an adapter or need to purchase inserts for my chucks.

  2. Great video,just purchased this lathe and stand from Woodcraft yesterday,its such a beautiful piece of machinery and I had a blast turning my very first piece of wood on it,only trouble I have is getting the centers algined,they are maybe a 32nd or so out of dead center alignment,any suggestions?

  3. Thanks Mike, that was such a revealing video. Seeing it helps me understand much better. You just solved my problem. Thanks again.
    Roger D.

  4. Hi Mike,
    After reading the owners manual and watching your review of the Laguna #1216 lathe, I bought one. I had a couple of questions. Could you please explain why the faceplate has an insert with 2 set screws in it, it looks like it’s removable for some reason? And the hand wheel on the left of the head stock has 2 set screws also, when removed are threads under there?
    I enjoy your videos, I’ve learned a lot from them. Thanks for your help.
    Roger D.

  5. I just purchased this lathe yesterday. Only turned one thing but my impression is positive. Very solid, very smooth movement. I'm not crazy about the fact you have to hold in the spindle lock, but I have an idea for that. One small beef is that shavings and sawdust really stick to the surfaces. It's a bit hard to clean, but that's a small negative in light of its many positives. Thanks for this review.

  6. Good review, Mike. I went the other way; I needed something bigger than my 20 year-old Jet mini. When Laguna came out with their REVO 1524 lathe, I became very interested. I purchased one two months ago and have used it to make several bowls and tool handles for gouges. It's perfect for me, size, performance and cost. It's a joy to use has taken my turning to a new level.

  7. mike im like you,, i think this is a great lathe and i believe you sold me on it,,,,do you have a video showing how you do outboard tuning on it,,,,

  8. This one has features that in my opinion, exceed those that jet 1221vs has. I have had bad experiences with posts that are supposed to be locked with a screw that tags the post. I am researching my first lathe and by the way, I am 68 yrs old, so this might be my only lathe. Space and power consumption are concerns for my tiny work shop that seems to be the family junk storage area.

  9. When I removed the hand wheel on my 12/16 laguna and placed the chuck on the outboard end then attempted to turn a bowl the shaft in the head stock slid out about 3/8 inch also the outboard bearing almost came out.can you give me any info on what’s wrong. I’ve had the lathe about eight months and only turned three bowls with it. I haven’t been able to contact their service department.

  10. Great review brother 🇺🇸
    I'm leaning towards purchasing this exact lathe. Based on your review. I'm really happy to hear what you had to say about it. Thank you

  11. Hi Mike, I'm trying to decide between this one and the Jet 1221VS. I'm leaning toward the Laguna for the versatility, but I see so many message boards say to go with the Jet. Wondering what made you choose this one? The tool rest post? Thanks for all your great videos!

  12. I started turning on a Nova Mercury mini lathe.
    Bought the outboard, 2 bed extentions, a 12" rest, curved bowl rest, & the Nova live center system for it.

    I resently upgraded to the Laguna 1216, because I don't have space for a full size lathe yet… but when I do… it will be a Oneway 2436 with 3HP motor.😃

  13. Mike, if money was not the issue would you have bought a powermatic 2014? I am looking to upgrade from my nova comet 11. I have set my budget at $2500. Thanks for any advise

  14. I'm a woodworker with 20+ years experience… none at all turning, I'm looking into a nice quality smaller machine and this or the jet 1221vs are in the lead.. thanks for the great information… I really appreciate you taking the time


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