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Kumiko JigKumiko Lamp(좌등) -Full Build- Part 1 of 4 The collaboration of Korean...

Kumiko Lamp(좌등) -Full Build- Part 1 of 4 The collaboration of Korean /Japanese style of woodworking,

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Plans – https://www.tkwoodartstudio.com/shop-1 #woodworking #HowTo #Kumiko #Joinery
Jigs – https://www.tkwoodartstudio.com/jigs-templates
Hello everyone, welcome back to my new series.
This lamp series will be very special for me. The lamp was my first design of furniture that was made over 10 years ago to teach in woodworking schools.
The design is based on the Korean traditional lantern with the same traditional joinery methods. And, I’m excited to collaborate with the Japanese Kumiko style into the Korean style of furniture. I hope you all will enjoy it and possibly make it with me along with the video series. Thanks all!

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  1. Terrific Work, Taeho! The plans for this lamp are excellent and well worth the modest purchase price. The details in the drawings make this a simpler build than one might expect. 49 pages of precisely measured drawings and even some bonus alternative kumiko panels for the sides of the lamp. I encourage everyone to get the plans and build this lamp. I will be making a scaled down version of this since I prefer a smaller size. Thanks ever so much, Taeho!

  2. 늦게나마 목공쪽에 관심을 갖게 됐는데 정말 환상적이네요 언제 기회되시면 전통꽃살문도 한번 부탁드립니다


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