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Jet 8 Inch JointerJointer Size Doesn't Matter! Flatten Large Boards on a Smaller Jointer

Jointer Size Doesn't Matter! Flatten Large Boards on a Smaller Jointer

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Jointer Size Doesn't Matter! Flatten Large Boards on a Smaller Jointer

Jointer Size Doesn’t Matter! I have a ton of HEAVY hickory to flatten that is larger then my jointer, today I will show you a two step trick to Flatten Large Boards on a Smaller Jointer.
I purchased an 8″ jointer a while back and knew that it would not be large enough to handle all the different widths of wood that I would throw at the machine. But I believe your money will be better spent on a machine that you will often use 100% of the capacity and have a few tricks up your sleeve to still allow you to flatten larger slabs. Overhanging the board on the jointer will allow you to create a flat reference surface very easily. Then you can use your planer with a DIY jig on it to use that flat reference side to flatten the opposite side of your boards and you are off an running! Save tons of money on a smaller jointer but still have the capacity!

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  1. Did you say "kenny-cornered? Lol! That's "catty-cornered". Sorry. My OCD gets the best of me sometimes. But let me make amends and let you know that this was a very helpful hack that I will be applying to my own woodworking projects. Thanks so much my friend!

  2. If Jointer size doesn't matter why didn't you save some bucks and buy a 4-inch Delta or one of the cheaper bench top models?

  3. this is a great technique, but the following should be pointed out:
    -if your jointer has a rabbeting ledge (which yours has) you only get one pass to do the cut, otherwise the lug that is left behind will hold the board up as it hits the ledge
    -I have a jointer like this and the technique you describe still works, but I set the infeed table low so that I can make 1 deep cut

  4. Tyler, how can we flatten the over sized board on the jointer only?
    I don't have a planer or drum sander. How can I get the same result?

  5. With this method, are you limited to just one face pass on the jointer? Because of the rabit catching on the 2nd round.

  6. Very good trick! Your dust collection system looks very interesting too. What are the specs of your dust collector?

  7. I cringed when you hung your fingers over the end of the board right above the cutter when you turned it on.


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