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Wood Lathe Home DepotJet Wood Lathe metal stand build.

Jet Wood Lathe metal stand build.

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I had this Jet 1015VS wood lathe on top of a tool chest. Originally seeing that it was too tall I made a step up platfoam using 3/4 plywood about 8 inches high.
After a few months I determine to make a lower lathe stand on locking casters, a stand that I could bolt to the tool chest when I need stability.
Materials and tools needed.
A metal cutting saw, band saw or metal cut off wheel will work.
a welder, Tig, Mig, or Stick.
4 each 2″ by 1/8 angle iron 30 inches long with ends cut at 45 degree on my band saw.
Home Depot sells angle iron.
4 each by 2″ by 1/8 by 12 inches long cut at 45 degreen.
4 each 1 1/2 by 1/8 square stock 27-1/4 ” long ,Home Depot sells only 1 1/4 ” square tubing which is also alright .
4 each 3″ locking casters from Home Depot, orange wheels total hight 5 inches.
attach using #12 self drilling sheet metal screws 1 inch long.
a box of #12 x 1 inch and #12 x 1 1/2 Hex self drilling sheet metal scews
a sheet of Birch 2 ‘ x 4’ 3/4 inch plywood from Home Depot

Total hight to center of my Jet 1015VS wood lathe 44 1/2 inch, I am 5’9″
it’s a good hight for me.
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How to Build a DIY Mobile Lathe Stand

Check out the tutorial and details on the products used in this video here:

And download the plans from here:

DIY Mobile Wood Lathe Stand

This video features some tools I received from The Home Depot as part of the ProSpective program. To check out more about these tools, check out my affiliate links to them here:

Ryobi 4 pc combo kit: http://homedepot.sjv.io/c/1273786/694472/8154

Bosch DareDevil Spade Bits: https://homedepot.sjv.io/r37AR

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  1. Sorry you misunderstand my comment…I mentioned the tripod thinking it would make it easier for you to show us your handiwork..I apologize

  2. Hi Vinny …I know your a tool guy so I was wondering why you picked a Jet lathe and why you don’t try a tripod for your videos…?

  3. Your plans don't mention locking casters. How do you keep the stand stable without rolling away when you are turning?

  4. When you were putting the cabinet together, I didn't see you use any glue. Are the pocket hole screws all you need here for strength, no glue?

  5. Really nice design and great use of materials! I really want a lathe as well. I'd love to try turning legs like you used in your dining table project. It would take a pretty big lathe though…

  6. Not to say anything negative about your work working abilities cause I love your stuff but noticed you drilled six holes in your shelf and only seen four in the installation of the shelf. Just saying ……… love your videos.

  7. Congratulations on the new lathe. Nice work on building the stand. I made few from welding. Recommend full face mask.


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