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Today I am reviewing my latest purchase, the JET JWP-12, 12 inch planer (thicknesser). I really love this unit. In this video I test the planer and give some helpful pros/cons at the end.

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Basic safe operation of a 15″ wood planer

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  1. Hi Mark May seem a strange request but do you know where I can buy the handle assembly for this machine, mine broke. TIA

  2. Here in Australia, this is called a thicknesser, as it is used to plane a piece of timber to a set thickness. To make it worse, what most of the world calls a "jointer" we call a "planer" – to flatten and square up a piece of timber :-$

  3. Thanks for the review. I am looking to purchase a thicknesser for my home workshop.
    I have narrowed it down to the JET (now $539 at Total Tools) or the Ryobi. ($549 at Bunnings.)
    After watching your review I have the same concerns as you, with the vacuum outlet and the issue with the rollers.
    I'll go search for a review on the Ryobi and then make up my mind.

  4. I have had the first edition of this planer since it first came out over 20 years ago. It had painted infeed and outfeed tables which quickly rusted. it also had a bit of snipe. I solved both problems by fabricating an auxillary all in one table from melamine covered particle board which extended through the planed, out in front and out in back about 3 feet. It provided a smooth surface for the wood and eliminated the snipe. I still use it fairly regularly and it has always performed well. one thing you mentiond was that the handle didn't adjust properly for metric measurement. I think this might be because Jet is still using U,S. standard adjustment screws. They only concession to metric might be the scale pasted on the front of the machine. You can only pay attention to the scale .

  5. Good review. Regarding the timber catching and not being drawn into the machine. It is most likely due to friction on the underside of the timber. Paraffin oil (available from chemist shop) is an excellent lubricant for this and has always worked from my experience. Simply rub a little on to the table under the cutter.

  6. Buyers beware! I have owned one of these machines for 18 months and had similar results when it was new and was initially very pleased with it, but unfortunately problems quickly arose. 1. I have had to remove the anti kickback teeth as one or two of them kept jamming in position instead of freely swinging and gouged the wood as it passed under them. 2. I have to hold the depth setting handle in position during the planing process as it rotates up with the machine vibration. 3. The cut depth varies from left to right as if something has gone out of alignment. Have reset the blades three times with no improvement. 4. Even when taking off as little as one eighth of a turn on the depth handle the stock slides right to left and partially sideways giving a very uneven finish. 5. It is horrendously noisy and ear protection is an absolute must.

  7. thanks for the review, can you though compare it to the Triton TPT 125 which is an Australian brand, as it's cheaper as I know, any ideas which is better? I myself think to get the Triton just because of he price twice as less as jet in UK. but the power is 1100 WT..any thoughts on this?

  8. you need to check with a dial caliper, to see how much snipe you are getting. I could see a lot, which should be hard to see on video.

  9. nice no frills review bud, other thing to check after heaps of use is the feed roller if it slips to much they tend to start to block up with wood and you need to get a little scrapper or something to clear the roller teeth, at least on our large carbatec one.

  10. Until you make a cyclone, why not make a custom part that directs the hose to the side. That way it won't catch on the lumber.

    Edit: Silly me. Didn't watch the last minute and missed that you mentioned it. There I got for being lazy 🙂

  11. Polish up the table and it will run through much better. I get the same problem with my big dewalt. It's all about friction on the table. I either squirt some CRC or some dashboard cleaner on the table and buff it up for a few seconds. I pretty much guarantee it will solve the problem. Just repeat each time the problem re occurs. Certain timbers seem more prone to get stuck. Here in NZ I find rimu is the worst.

  12. Great review, I've been eyeing off this particular JET planer for a while now, given its good price and known name brand. Seems like a good buy, will get one when the money comes.


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