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KrenovJames Krenov on Wood -- Fall 1994 Lectures

James Krenov on Wood — Fall 1994 Lectures

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  1. Sound production filled with coughing, sniffing, chocking and hacking and other distractions. Content is excellent!

  2. A man like James Krenov who work wiyh wood is very rare now days.. Thankyou verymuch for uploading this video 🙏

  3. What a treat! I miss the crotchety old man! Just was re-reading A Cabinetmakers Notebook a couple weeks ago. It always revives my spirit on bad back pain days…

  4. Krenov is a great teacher and has mad skills but I think he combs his hair with a damp finger and a live light socket🤔

  5. any other videos you could post would be deeply appreciated. I am a violinmaker but am strongly influenced by him, although I never had the chance to meet him.

  6. Thank You for posting this. Going to think about what he said when reading the book where he explained construction.

  7. I thought I was a impossible man…But James makes it really real…Pffff.. But I understand him…People or so hard to get in the wood… God bless.. Later on it became funny also..


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