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Inca Jointer PlanerInca table saw vibration issue

Inca table saw vibration issue

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  1. I know it's been 2 years since you first posted this video, but have you overcome the problem. Bionic Bob's suggestion is probably the culprit, but I would first increase the belt tension, as it appears to me that the belt is flapping a bit when the machine is slowing down. If that doesn't cure the problem, then the next easiest thing to do is to check if the belt has developed a set by staying in the same position for too long and if old, will develop a "bump" in one area. Swap it out for a new one. Then, and only then would I start checking bearings. Good luck with this and let us know what the status is.

  2. Could it be the arbor bearings need replacement? It sounds rough. Normally it purrs like a sewing machine. Bearing type is SKF 6204 2RSH. That or the bearings of the motor. I have the same 018 Major machine and replaced motor with a Soga 1,5 hp. And just checking: the v belt is square to both the motorwheel and the central arbor wheel?


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