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Inca Jointer PlanerInca Jointer/Planer (550) feed drive modification

Inca Jointer/Planer (550) feed drive modification

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An overview of the drive modification that I did on my Inca 550 J/P

The drive is mounted underneath the table and uses a 3Nm Nema 23 stepper motor that was purchased on Amazon. The stepper drives a 10 tooth sprocket from McMaster (also a good source for the 05B metric drive chain). The motor and driver are powered by a meanwell 48V power supply.

Although the motor and driver are supposedly rated for 4.2 Amps, I am underdriving the motor under the assumption that the imported motor may not survive long at peak current. So far torque has been fantastic, and the motor and driver run at a reasonable temperature.

Variable drive speed is accomplished by an Arduino pro micro, because that’s what I had laying around. The Arduino sense the position of a potentiometer and then uses the map function to convert the returned value into a frequency for the tone function. I calculated the upper and lower frequencies so that I could vary between 5 and 20 feet per minute feed rate.

I honestly think steppers are a more affordable alternative to the normal bodine gearmotor modification that people do. If this motor wears out, I can buy a new one for .

Thanks for watching!

Stepper Driver: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06Y5VPSFN/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_G7ZW3P5NJ8M54JXE27GC

Stepper Motor:

Motor Bracket:

Power Supply:
I used a Meanwell 48V but availability of buck converters for the Arduino are more limited. I believe driving with 36 V should also work well.

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Inca 510 jointer/planer. I finally received the in-feed knob for adjusting the table height. Calling it good for now. Hoping to make a new stand and dust shoots for it. Need to use it for now.

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  1. Great job I love it. It is al clear to me except how you set up the Arduino can you give me some more infotmation please. I have a local technician who can help me

  2. Nice job 👌👍 I am about to do the same on my 560, i noticed you have 2 aluminum stop outside the upper sprockets? did you have problem with the two plastic sprockets ? On my J/P they need to come out 5 mm else the chain will interfere with the machine chassi in the bottom.
    Can you please put up a link to the motor you used.
    Mvh Fredrik

  3. That is cool! Well done! I have to look into these components and also different motor controllers! I am thinking about my own Inca jointer/planer but also wood lathe and eg industrial sewing machines 🙂

  4. I have the same one, along with the 2 wheel band saw and the table saw. I had the 12" jointer/planer for a while but it had been used pretty hard, and there were enough parts in the transmission that I was worried about keeping it running. The 510 is a pretty straightforward machine and seems to be big enough for most of my projects. Keep the videos coming, it's nice to know I'm not the only crazy person who still uses these Incas!


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