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Inca Jointer PlanerInca 560 Planer Feed Upgrade

Inca 560 Planer Feed Upgrade

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The Inca 550, 560 and 570 Combination 10-1/4″ Jointer/Planer Machine is a phenomenal Swiss made precision tool. It’s one achilles heel however is that the speed reduction arrangement to power the planer rollers have a plastic helical gear that can be damaged from lack of lubrication, prolonged use or aggressive cutting. I’ve eliminated the one weak point of the machine by installing a 57rpm dc gear motor that allows for infinite feed speed from 0 to 21 linear feet per minute (stock is ~11lfm (low) & 16lfm (high). This is how I did it.
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  1. Hope you can help me out! Can you tell me what sprocket you used and where you found it? I have not had any luck. Thanks! Tom

  2. That plastic gear is a horrible design on an otherwise excellent machine. i made a base for mine out of a steel telecom cabinet that had heavy castors. Pull the lead off the motor and re-wire with 14-3 lead cord. 2 hot wires 1 neutral 1 ground if you want it all on the same switch

  3. On the plantary gear instead of switching to a DC motor you could cast the gear in aluminum or cast iron

  4. Great video and upgrade . I was thinking my 550 was headed for the graveyard for not being able to get parts. The feed change is the best idea and otherwise the planer does a nice job. I have making my own urethane belts ; but i see the plastic planetary gears are on they're way out . Variable speed looks like the best thing too. Thanks for spurring my interest and posting .

  5. Hey now thats a very good idea to use on my Belsaw planer.
    can you list the motor and control units?
    This would also work on a drum sander homemade.

  6. Soft keys sheer off, that's why they make drive keys you're overthinking this.
    Just use a brass key. unless you do not have a broch or mill to cut the keyway slots.

  7. You mention in the video, Frank's (?) file showing how to do this upgrade. could you let me know where I can find this file? This is a great idea, but I would need some detailed instructions. Thank you!

  8. Nice work.
    I have the 2 blade tersa version and my switch has broken. Any ideas on getting a replacement one or putting on a new motor and switch.

  9. +thesergeant I am really curious about the DC Gearmotor you used for this upgrade. I have the same machine and was looking to do a similar upgrade. I'm wondering what the torque rating for your gearmotor is? I want to make sure that the motor I purchase for this upgrade has sufficient torque. Thanks for your help!

  10. Great upgrade. Looking forward to your next jointer planer video. I just bought a 343.190 with a 2 blade Tersa setup that is in great condition and cutting beautifully as is, but it came without the dust collection hood. I am very interested to see your solution. I feel lucky to have found such a precision machine for less than a Dewalt lunch box planer. Do you know if the 343.190 is the same as a 550, 570, etc.? Thanks for sharing.

  11. Neat! I will look at those drive roller springs in the future, but all the models I see were made for the Canadian market and I have not seen the short 510-570 serial #'s J/P's of the US market, except for my big bandsaw that I brought back from Mass. There seemed to be several parts, altered thinned down as models moved along, those tension springs are obviously set low so a clip or pin is the same as a nut but less cost, you could thread the ends and ad nuts, which would allow you to overtension them, add stress to the bushings inside the pillow blocks of the of the drive rollers and wear out those bushings and crush nice little grooves in the wood as the rollers crush and pull the wood through the thicknesser, wear out the plastic sprockets (not a fan of those) and put a strain on the dc motor system. Rant over and out. Remember draining the swamp was the goal. Don't forget polish that stainless steel deck and use wax (non silicone) and buff that will ease all the strain on all those tricky Inca parts right back to the motor and reduce the hole in your wallet.
    Cheers Mate
    Jerry Walker in Everett Ontario

  12. TS: I have purchased from Jesse before, I hope he has metal sprockets, this is the 3rd J/P machine I have reworked, the early models had all steel sprockets, the planetary gear was a treat to watch, again an issue to repair….. the engineer who designed these must have been a watch maker! Thanks for the quick response.
    I have 7 machines in storage that are repairable, and have made parts for fences the 259 and the locking nut for the overarm guard.
    This one has a very rusty 2 knife Tersa Head. I am making a bearing clamp to ease the pillow blocks out to remove the head for cleaning and bearing replacement. I purchase my knives from Janine at Tersa Knives https://tersaknives.com/. They carry all the SamVaz products like the Rali Planes and can have a 3 knife Tersa head (with bearings) delivered to your door, from Switzerland for $650.00 Canadian Dollars. (quoted to me in April 2015) I had a meeting with her in Beautiful Kaslo BC 2 years ago
    I have subscribed to see your next installment.
    I am planning an Inca T-shirt run.
    I have sharp stills of my rebuilds but no videos.
    Look forward to your next Inca bits.
    Great work on the souped-up Inca!
    Cheers Jerry

  13. I have a broken sprocket on my plastic pinion cluster, I would like to make changes to mine. Who is your supplier for the sprockets? and who is Frank? Cheers Jerry


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