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Inca Jointer PlanerInca 259 Table Saw Tear Down

Inca 259 Table Saw Tear Down

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Inca 259 Table Saw Tear Down

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SWISS MADE! Inca spindle shaper overview and cleanup

In this episode of “My machines” we discuss my new Swiss-made Inca spindle shaper and begin cleaning it up. This shaper was made by Inca​, in Switzerland approximately​ 1972, and exported to the united states in the early 80’s
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  1. My table "height adjustment" handle has considerable "slop" before you can effect any movement.
    Example .. all the way down.. then you want to crank up… you have to turn the handle about 2 1/2 turns before it engages. I have not taken the saw apart yet .. will do so now that I have seen the video.

  2. Sarge, I had the problem w/ the table raising wheel. I took it apart, applied a few drops of rubbing alcohol, and, just like you said, with little effort, it came free and turns effortlessly. Loved the saw before, and now, even more! Many thanks for your video.

  3. I want to make a 3d printed ABS zero insert with a dust suction port. Any ideas? My wooden closed box around the blade below is not great.

  4. Really appreciate this. I have 3 Inca power tools: jointer/planner, 341.018 table saw and bandsaw. Desperately need to do a tear down of the table saw for the exact reasons you pointed out. I just need to screw up my courage to dive into it.

  5. Yup, I broke that aluminum casting. Next step. machine shop. I bought my machine in 1978 or so ( long time ago) at Garret Wade. Love the machine.

  6. Good video. My Inca Major table saw does not have lithium grease residue like yours.
    I am using a 3m scouring pad with a little solvent to remove alot of wood pitch.

  7. Hi. Very nice videos! Did you ever replace or take out the arbor bearings? I can't figure out if there is a best way (direction) to get the blade side bearing out. Pull it out towards the blade side or the other direction? Other tips n tricks for a stuck bearing? Freezer? WD 40?… thank you!

  8. Excellent! What type of grease did you use for the ‘tracks’? I had to free up mine too, with patience and used a specific type of Venom airgun lubricant from the UK I had laying around. It moves freely now, only the last 3 mm of the topmost extension is a bit difficult.

  9. How did you remove the disc (at the left part of the axle in the beginning of the Video) holding the sawblade in place? Cant move mine 🙁 thx for advice

  10. Hello there. This comment is about the pfaff 130 video. I apologize for laying it here. I didn't want it to get lost in the comments of a 3 year old video. I admire your knowledge and appreciation for these machines. I just purchased a 130 from a thrift shop and would like some advice to get her running as well as your machine. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance !

  11. This is so great! I literally took mine (which I just inherited from my Mom) apart last week. However, I haven't investigated that bolt yet. I will. I have cleaned all the surfaces and spent some time researching possible lubricants. The question is whether to go back with white lithium grease (which is great but attracts all sawdust) or to use a dry spray lubricant that doesn't have silicone in it ( there are at least three different makers that I have found – probably more.) Let us know what you go with and why! Also, have you had any luck removing the table top from the tilt. There are six hex bolts and on mine they are really frozen. I think they are dissimilar metals and I fear they have just fused. I'm still working at it but starting to doubt I will get it apart. If I can get one side (3) I can get it apart. Let us know if you have any luck. Thanks for the great and REALLY timely video!

  12. Dust collection on the 259 is an exercise in futility without some modifications.  If you have any suggestions, I'd like to hear them.

  13. Hey Billybob, thanks for posting about the Inca shaper. I'm wondering if you ever found a solution to the extremely stiff spindle height crank. I just got one of these shapers and after several hours of cleaning, greasing, and cussing, the height adjustment is not much better than when I started. Appreciate any ideas you've got. Do you have the 20mm spindle or the 3/4"?

  14. That is a very nice find. I've been looking for one. Would be nice to see a follow up video with it in use. I'm curious to hear how you find using it.


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