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Weekend Woodworking ProjectsHow to Price Woodworking Projects

How to Price Woodworking Projects

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In this video I will tell you three ways you can price woodworking projects to sell. Two are other peoples way, and one is the 731 way. If you have trouble trying to decide what to charge for your woodworking projects, I hope this video helps you. Pricing woodworking projects is one of the hardest things to do as a beginner woodworker. It is hard to know what to charge for your woodworking projects. There are several ways to price your work as a maker. I’ll go through two common methods for pricing your woodwork and then I will give you my method. Coming up with a price for a DIY furniture is difficult. I hope this video helps make pricing your woodworking easy.

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0:00 Intro
0:58 How To Price Woodworking Projects Method 1
5:19 How To Price Woodworking Projects Method 2
6:01 How I Price My Woodworking Projects
6:57 Mrs. 731 Woodworks Cameo Appearance
8:09 Power Tip Pricing Woodwork
10:29 How to Support 731 Woodworks

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  1. I learn so much from your videos and you have great advice thank you very much. I was wondering if you could do a build for a military memorial flag box. My fiance was given her grandfather's flag after he passed away who was a marine during WW2 and was in some pretty rough places in the pacific during his time serving. He was also a woodworker which explains why she is always hanging out in the shop/garage when I'm doing anything because the tool sounds and smell of sawdust reminds her of him. I would like to build a box for it rather than just buying one especially since he was a woodworker and I'm getting into it I kinda feel like it's not so much a tribute to him as much as it's something I feel like he would really appreciate but since I'm just starting out I really dont know where to begin or how exactly to do it and was hoping you could make one and I could follow along with your video for help. Thanks again and keep up the great content!

  2. Loving the page!
    A woodworker myself for several years, and a christian, I look forward to your videos.
    Also, you need to know you are an awesome example and a great representation of a biblical working man…oh yeah, my wife loves the page too…we watch together!
    God bless!!

  3. Man, I have been watching you for a bit, now. I love the way you think and sell. Your methods are great. Look forward to more info from your channel.

  4. From a Michigander, "for you non-southern speaking folks…" LOL I died laughing. You and Paw Paw's Workshop pronounce 2×4 the same way!

  5. Your so right, my question is I got a customer who gave me half the money up front and after a couple of weeks building it ,they want their money back cause they found it some place cheaper, my question is do I give them their money back or keep it for my time and materials?

  6. You price it till the customer begins to twitch uncontrollably or just flat out has a seizure, then back off a little bit till the twitching subsides. Proven method. 🙄


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