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Sketchup Woodworking PlansHow To Make a Table on SketchUp 2021 | Woodworkers

How To Make a Table on SketchUp 2021 | Woodworkers

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In Part 3 of the SketchUp Series, I build on what was discussed in the previous tutorials and start constructing the carcass of the table.

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When designing the online course, Matt wanted to make it as close as possible to his own experience learning at Rycotewood Furniture Centre in Oxford. Primarily, by providing a structured course that anyone can follow, without having to find their own way through an arbitrary list of videos on YouTube.

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  1. Good lesson. I followed it through and copied each step, so it took about twice as long. Finally discovered the "H" and "O" keyboard shortcuts which made moving around view much easier.

  2. Brilliant. I’ve been using sketchup for years, but in this one 25 minute video I’ve learnt as much as all those years doing things by trial and error. You’re a scholar and a gentleman Mr Estlea.

  3. Hi Matt, thanks for the great videos! I'm really enjoying the series so far. One of my favorite parts of your channel is how you explain going through the design process, so I hope there's lots more to come!

  4. Just a thought on how you could have more easily created the mirror image of the drawer runner assembly. After you have copied, pasted, and made it unique, you can use the extrude tool to make the mirror image. Simply select the component, extrude and push through to component to a negative value equal to the original dimension. This will create an exact mirror image and you don't need to alter the component once done. You have made the basics very easy to understand. Your explanation of the follow me is better than anyone else's I have seen. Thx!

  5. Brilliant Matt thanks for explaining this so well I will start using my sketch up soon you make it look really easy which in relation it is

  6. Dude as someone who had SketchUp sitting on my PC for a year. Hating it. These three episodes have taught me more than any other guide. Including skill share. Well done mate. I will actually use SketchUp now

  7. Really cool stuff, follow me tool seems useful, my old way of doing chamfers like that would have been way more… inefficient 😅

    Can't wait for the joinery part!


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