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Rustic Desk PlansHow to make a desk | Rustic Desk

How to make a desk | Rustic Desk

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Pete shows how to build a desk with plans courtesy of Ana-White and Shanty2Chic. This video walks you through each step of building the “Fancy X Desk” using their plans. I did modify the top by using 2×8 boards and adding breadboard ends. The wood costs about .00 and the desk can be made in a weekend.

For more info, project photos, and downloadable plans check out:

How to Build a Rustic Desk

Tools Needed(Amazon Affiliate Links):
– Dewalt 12” Miter Saw: http://amzn.to/2ESRcZX
– Dewalt 12 volt Drill: http://amzn.to/2CJrLUV
– Dewalt Jig Saw: http://amzn.to/2FxBpNo
– Dewalt Orbital Sander: http://amzn.to/2FxsdbV
– Kreg Jig – http://amzn.to/1X7Bd9H

I used Ana White’s plans for this project. She teamed up with Whitney from Shanty2Chic.com to create this beautiful piece of work. The only modifications I made to Ana’s plans were to make the top out of 2×6’s and to add breadboards to each end.

So, for the top you’ll need to cut:

QTY 4 2×6 x 61″

QTY 2 2×6 x 22.5″ (breadboard ends – will cut down about 1/4 to 1/2 inch once you are ready to connect it to the four boards that are kreg jigged together.

Use a miter saw to make all your cuts. If you don’t have one, I’d recommend getting a 12″ Dewalt Miter Saw for your DIY projects. Use 2×4’s and the 1×4 to make the I-Beams. Assemble using screws or a nail gun. Use glue when attaching the 4 cross supports (shown in tutorial video).

Use your Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes in the aprons and supports that span the width of the deck. If you desk will be against a wall, I’d recommend having the pocket holes on the outside. Attach the top to the base using the pocket holes. (Shown in tutorial video)

For this table I used the dark walnut stain from Minwax. Wipe 1 coat on with a clean rag and let it dry. Brush on 2 coats of polyurethane. Once the second coat is completely dry, use a block sander with 300 grit paper to lightly sand the table. Once sanded, blow off the dust and then wipe with a clean and damp rag. Once dry, use a clean cloth to wipe a thin third coat of poly on the entire piece. Let dry and then you are done!
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  1. I just built this desk..first build of my life..like the design and it is super easy to build..my only problem was the lumber. I bought the 2×4's etc and they all appeared perfectly straight..or at as straight they could be. So the first leg went great, the second the same..stood them up and oe of uprights is out of whack so they are not perfectly aligned when standing against each other..What do I do? Build a new leg or shim the piss out of it and hope for the best? I did not use 2×6's for the top instead I used a new bifold door that was prefinished in ebony..mostly because I got them for $5 and they were exactly the size needed..I did not use a Kreg Jig because A) it is expensive and B) because I'm a broke azz and can't afford one. I put the desk on hold till I igure what direction to go with the leg issue. HELP! Thanks.

  2. Hi Pete, Awesome job on desk! I'm a beginner on wood work. I have a ? What if I wanted a flat surface on the desktop? What kind of wood should I use and how to install it?

  3. Looks great! just finished building a desk myself really gotta get myself a kreg jig! would have saved me a whole lot of trouble! Thanks for the video

  4. Hi Pete! Quick question-
    Did you also drill pocket holes in the middle of the 2 x 4 center support at the 5:32 mark in the video? Basically, are you repeating the same steps on the 2 x 4 center support like you did for the upper 2 x 4 aprin at the 5:08 mark? I would assume so because you're drilling the table top into both supports. I hope that makes sense.

  5. hey pete, 
    is there any way to cover the smell of the spar urethane?? i did build this desk but modified it for a small apartment however the smell of the urethane is still in the room after a month now. maybe some sort of polish like pledge???

  6. Hey man. I love your videos.

    Just quickly though, not DIY related.

    At 1:22 you give a shout outs to the designers, I think you are mispronouncing shanty2chic. You said chic as "chick" but I'm sure its meant to be chic as "SH-EE-K".

    Just thought Id give you a shout, and keep up the good work man!


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