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Children's Woodworking ProjectsHow To Introduce Kids to Woodworking

How To Introduce Kids to Woodworking

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How To Introduce Kids to Woodworking

Sharing the Joy of Woodworking with kids can be a magical thing. Today I want to look at how to introduce kids to Woodworking. We want the kids to have fun and learn. today we will look at woodworking projects for kids. how to be safe with kids in the shop and tools that they can learn and experiment with on their own.

Melody’s Work Bench: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwqLHq3IOgYF2EsJxtvGfxg

Kids Projects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeXQXCwQxPU&list=PLAbayqjimalEuj2NmAW2tcFP1snP6yhAX

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  1. Awesome video! First result after I searched "wood working for kids". My 7 year old son has been asking me for a couple of years, didn't know it was as easy as letting them have it sawing or banging on a piece of wood. Will try those simple ideas of a mallet or toolbox and work from there. Dad needs a bit of upskilling too!

  2. I've tried this, but I think I was too safety conscious early on and was worried about them getting hurt so scared them, 😢. I'm still trying though. 👍

  3. Nice video! My 14 yo daughter, even though she’s normally too cool for her farty old dad, has been undeniably bitten by the bug, and my 9 yo mildly autistic son increasingly finds a real purpose in my shop. All they really need is to experience using something that they at least helped make, and, being the little credit-robbers that they universally are, it won’t be long before they want to boast of doing it completely by themselves! Sometimes, a little applied psychology can do most of the work for you…… 😉

  4. Great video James. My students are the same age as your children and you're right on the money. It can be hard for adults to let go and work through the process and make mistakes, but it is so important! Woodshop for Kids by Jack McKee is great resource for anyone looking for ways to work in the shop with their kids.

  5. Having three girls, and missing some of the opportunities with my oldest I look forward to using some of the tips with my younger two.

  6. I love this video. My daughter loves spending time with my husband in the wood shop and she has a blast.

  7. Kids, pay close attention when dad shows you how to use the chisel! I have the scar from not watching😲

  8. This is brilliant ! They love being with their dad and joining in – so lovely to see ! The look in JJ's mischeivous eyes at various times in the video ! My grandchildren like playing with wooden toys ( they are three ) and the latest one who is only zero ( actually born yesterday ) hasn't shown any preference yet – but their father is a carpenter so we have great hopes for their practical abilities ! We actually need children who can build an ark in the UK, with all of the flood water we've been getting – apparently it is all the fault of Texas who are sending us rain via the jet stream ! Yes a great, positive discussion about "starting them young" ! Thanks for, as usual, a really interesting video ! Just don't let your three glue you to the workbench !

  9. After looking at kids’ tool sets filled with plastic JUNK, I went to HD this Xmas and filled a small tool tote with kid size REAL tools (stubby claw hammer, small screwdriver, tiny tape measure etc.) and gave it to my 3 year old granddaughter. She loved it! Always wants to help Dada around the house.

  10. I’ve struggled with this.. usually I’m attempting to accomplish something in the shop.. I’ll have to bring the boy out when I have no plans in actually getting anything done

  11. I let my daughter help glue down wood pieces on a mosaic stool she uses to brush her teeth. She always reminds me that we made it together lol 👍


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