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Antique Wood PlanesHow To Clean Wooden Hand Planes

How To Clean Wooden Hand Planes

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I go through the steps I take to clean up wooden hand planes.

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Mega Antique tool haul auction/estate sale Β£520/0 of chariot planes Stanley 71 1/2 router plane

Bidded on a antique vintage tool auction managed to win seven lots showing six of the lots in this video what they are and how much I paid πŸ™‚
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  1. Glad you got a good plane, the ones I've found are either priced ridiculously or they are in such bad shape they can't be usec

  2. Got some beauties thereπŸ‘ Chariot and Transitional planes are always a bit of a rarity ! Come across early wooden and Bailey pattern pretty regularly .. so I’m on the look out!🀞☺️

  3. Beautiful planes. Some of the planes you have acquired are works of art. I've been to many sales and auctions, but I've never seen a brass bodied plane, much less one trimmed in ebony. I'm glad these nice tools are in the hands of someone who appreciates them. Thanks and regard s from the USA.

  4. Those are high end! One thing I always hated about auctions is the commission or buyers premiums, that put an end to my auction days. Those Stanley Routers always seem to rust up the same way! Mine was like that too! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

  5. I just purchased a Stanley 71 1/2 with 1 cutter (1/2 inch). Needs cleaning and sharpening. I love your brass body planes. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Ben

  6. Awesome planes Ben i really like the router plane that will look nice once it is clean up. are you like Scoutcrafter hiding the good stuff in the attic. ha ha


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