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Rockler BandsawHow To Build Mobile Bases For Power Tools

How To Build Mobile Bases For Power Tools

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Learn how to build mobile bases for power tools using these tips and tutorial. These bases are great for any type of heavy power tool in your shop, including your bandsaw, joiner, or drum sander.

I purchased these universal mobile base kits from Rockler:

I used red oak to build the frames of the bases.
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Using the correct blade and keeping a sharp blade in your band saw are two of the best ways to get good cutting results. Learn how to change your band saw blade and how to set your band saw guide blocks and thrust bearing.

Shop for band saw blades and accessories: http://www.rockler.com/search/go?p=Q&lbc=rockler&uid=936736418&ts=custom&w=bandsaw&isort=score&method=and&view=grid&sli_uuid=85b36311-8183-40d9-8acb-0cb446602a76&af=cat1:powertoolaccessories%20type:products

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  1. I was a little concerned with the 3-point rolling system, but seeing you roll big tools around your shop made me more comfortable with this product. I think I'll purchase a couple and give them a try. Thanks for the video!!!

  2. Amazing! I've got a few Jet mobile bases. These will definitely be on my list for the next standing machines. Love the channel!

  3. I like your channel, and like your work. I'd like to present an observation from audience member.
    I just watched 4:18 in unskippable ads to watch a 3:20 video. That detracts from the experience. Just something to consider.

  4. Unsolicited video production advice: Your narration is you reading from a script. Reading from a script removes any sense of personality from your message. Your message should be conversational in tone – not a script read to the viewer. I'd recommend jotting down just a couple of words to remind you of the direction that you would want the narration to go, and then speak as you would if you were talking with a friend. To illustrate my point, ask someone to read to you a couple of paragraphs out of a book – you immediately lose a certain bit of interest. It's not the best way to relay a message to a listener. This concludes my unsolicited video production advice.


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