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Build A Desk PlansHow to Build A Murphy Bed with Stay Level Desk Pt. 1

How to Build A Murphy Bed with Stay Level Desk Pt. 1

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How to build a hidden bed, stay level desk, part 1 of many. In this video I will introduce you to the bed desk project, and show the first few steps of how to build the bed.
Plans: https://www.Beddeskplans.com
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In this video I develop the plans and build a prototype for a Pennsylvania Chippendale Slant Front Desk
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  1. GREAT video.
    I appreciate that costs will depend on where you live, but how much did it cost you for the raw materials?

  2. I am looking to build this bed for my daughters room, queen sized bed, I can't find any plans for a queen šŸ™ I really love the desk

  3. Awesome, just what I was looking for! Iā€™m trying to determine what the price would be if I built this for a twin sized bed… do you remember what size of plywood boards you used by any chance?

  4. Is the bed free-standing, or is it anchored to the wall?
    What is the useful storage space on top of the desk when the bed is down in its horizontal sleeping position?
    How far out from the wall is the vertical bed base when the bed is in the vertical daytime position?
    I went to the site to buy plans but need the info above to be sure the bed will fit my needs.

  5. This is very interesting! The only concern I have is with the legs at the top of the mock bed : they seem very narrow to me. Are the legs supporting the weight of the intire mattress? Could modifications be made so that they are less likely to scratch the floor they rest on? Very cool project!

  6. Dave I seen you are in Pins and Tails, getting ready to read it. Next stop People or National Geographic. lol Happy and safe 4th Ralph

  7. Dave, A follow up on the video from yesterday. There are 2 videos and I thought they were the same, there not. It seem both had work done on the feet, and lastly the 2nd video has a gallery that is more in tune with your desk. Ralph

  8. Mr. Boeff, as always thanks for sharing your knowledge. You are a master. Now I just need to remember to thumbs up you every time.

  9. "Well, here we go again." David, I think we're more excited about this than you are, haha. Really appreciate you taking us along on your builds, I'm sure it creates lots of extra work for you.

  10. Excited to see this develop. It looks like there will be some interesting challenges. I assume it will be in Mahogany?

  11. Dave, Went Googling and when I put in Pennsylvania Chippendale Slant Front Desk there was you !!! Also next to you was a PBS Road Show video of an Pennsylvania Chippendale Slant Front Desk and is showed the gallery if want to give it a look. Ralph

  12. Really looking forward to this build David, as I do with all of your pieces. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us less experienced woodworkers.
    I am currently building Lonnie Birds piece straight from the plans in FW, but I am moving along very slowly as I have a full time job too. Will watch with great intent as to how you tackle this, especially the desk gallery; looks quite challenging.

  13. Dave, glad to see to have returned. The columns are going to be an interesting build. Will the case dovetails be thru or blind ? Hope your shop is air conditioned these next few days are going to be humid. Looking forward to this , as always Ralph


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