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Woodcraft PlansHow I Make Woodworking Plans // Woodworking Business

How I Make Woodworking Plans // Woodworking Business

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How I Make Woodworking Plans // Woodworking Business

The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: https://skl.sh/shopnation11201
Fusion 360 Woodworking Course: https://bit.ly/3pklpF6
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Creating woodworking plans is a great way to share your project with others. It’s also a great way for woodworking content creators to generate some revenue through selling of those plans. I have sold over ,000 worth of woodworking plans on Etsy. If you have a woodworking business and you would like to create plans but don’t know where to start (or want to improve your current process) this video is for you!

I get a lot of questions regarding my build plans – what programs I use & how do I make them. In this video I will attempt to answer those questions so because I think the information could be useful to others out there looking to do the same. I go over my thought process when creating plans, the specific programs I use, and even what platform to sell them on.

Thank you so much for watching and feel free to ask questions in the comments section regarding topics I didn’t get to in the video!

Useful Links:
CutList Optimizer: https://www.cutlistoptimizer.com/
Fusion 360 Woodworking Masterclass: https://bit.ly/3pklpF6

Shop Nation Links:
Shop Nation Website: https://www.shop-nation.com/
Products, Plans, and Stickers: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShopNationStore
Instagram (@dreamshopnation): https://www.instagram.com/dreamshopnation
Shop Nation T-shirts! https://teespring.com/stores/shop-nation

This video was sponsored by Skillshare.
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This is no joke, this isn’t clickbait. For the next week, all of my plans on my website will be free with the code STAYBUSY19 . This is me trying to do my part in an effort to help promote social-distancing and to keep people busy (and sane) while doing so.

Plans available here ►► https://craftswright.com/shop

#staybusy19 #craftswright

👋 👋 Still haven’t subscribed to my channel on YouTube? ►► https://goo.gl/AtJoJE
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  1. i cannot begin to tell you how glad i am that youtube's algorithm suggested your channel to me! between your money transparency and now this plan creation videos, you've given me answers to questions no one wanted to answer. i am very grateful. btw, if i can make one little suggestion, and others can chime in if i am off my rocker, please slow down just a little bit. you cover a lot of information. but you do it so fast that my tiny brain can't process it that fast and i need to stop the video just so that it can catch up.

  2. Thanks for sharing that. My current channel recently broke 100,000 subscribers teaching mostly Drywall skills and I’m going to be starting a second channel focused more on woodworking, and working on my streetrods, two of my hobbies. And I was planning on doing drawings and selling them like everyone else. I currently have a brand new Etsy store and have already made some decent sales of e-books and such so will incorporate woodworking plans into that.

    I want to focus more on sponsorships like Skillshare which just require 30 seconds to a minute of talking, and not necessarily on unboxing and reviewing of tools. I’m still trying to figure out how much to ask for that time. If you have time to hit me up by email, my email address is on my about page and I would welcome your advice.

    Great channel and thanks for sharing all your insight and knowledge about your channel. I’m always learning about this whole YouTube process.

    Thanks, Guy

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  4. On average, how long does it take for you to create a simple set of plans that you would sell on your Etsy store, workbench as an example, in F360?

  5. Great video! You use powerpoint, please let us know when and what other tool you get instead of powerpoint. Thanks!

  6. Just bought your plans for the "perfect garage workbench" and they are fantastic. After studying them for one evening I was able to really understand the whole build and make some decisions on customizations I want to make… and some customizations I had considered but discarded as too complicated. Can't wait to get started building. The plans actually got me excited, lol!

  7. Thanks for the intro to Fusion 360. I was learning Sketch Up as a newbie woodwork hobbyist, and it's a pain!; even with some help from videos from the Pros. And your plans includes everything for someone trying it out the first time; unlike some others that left me guessing.

  8. If you know anyone that might benefit from som free plans, please feel free to share this video with them or on social media.

    And if you’re not already a subscriber, please consider becoming one 🙂 # staybusy19

  9. I found your video looking for push blocks, then decided to look at your channel's other videos. Your video posted nine months ago concerning free plans due to the covid situation got to me; that simple selfless act made me a subscriber to your channel. I've dabbled with woodworking for several years and have started upgrading from my old shopsmith to separate tools. Once i get everything situated, I'll be back to purchase some plans; wife won't let me until I finish the dust collection and get the garage wired up to actually plug everything thing in.

  10. The subjects covered in this woodworking website TopFineWoodworking. Com varies from wood types to tool types and uses. A few other subjects range from the various kinds of wood along with their distinct levels of difficulty when it comes to managing them. If you are still a beginner in wood working, then you will find this book very beneficial.?

  11. I found your channel through related videos for "ticking sticks." Your squaring sticks are an awesome idea that I'd like to make when I get my shop up this summer! I see a few things in your plans that I also like, but since I sadly missed your discount, I will look for associated videos instead! Please look up ticking sticks because based on your squaring sticks, they are something you'd appreciate and would probably be able to do your own video about very quickly!

  12. We found your channel through suggested videos. First, I’d like to say I find your videos awesome. We just started a You Tube channel, so we’re definitely doing our research these days and can see we have a lot to learn from channels like yours. Please keep it up! Just subbed!

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