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Ps WoodworkingHow I make Simple Shelves for the Kitchen - Woodworking - Reclaimed...

How I make Simple Shelves for the Kitchen – Woodworking – Reclaimed Wood Project

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This is one method that I have been making shelves with for many years. It is simple and the shelf is really strong. Most of the pressure is in a downward force onto the brackets, so holding the the shelves by using screws from the back is easily enough.

I hope the video shows the process clearly as it can be easily adapted to different dimensions of both the shelf and materials.

I often get asked about my favourite small wooden hand plane that I use in my videos, so here is a link. Also, if you purchase using this link I received a small commission that is really helpful to me.

Small wooden hand plane: https://www.banggood.com/custlink/vmDRJcFH5U
It is the smallest of the 3 hand planes displayed. I have not tried the larger ones, but I plan to in the future and I’m sure they would work well after setting up.

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Chris ॐ
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  1. As I was watching this, I kept on thinking, “What a crappy and cumbersome shelf this is going to turn out to be?!” to myself.

    Then I saw the final product and realised that the only crappy thing here was my prejudice!

    Great job 👍

  2. Wow I was going to ask about that plane and then saw the price… so cheap! Went to buy one and bugger, won't ship to Australia 🤣 Really like the shelf design, simple maybe, but it is solid as heck and looks great so worth building. Nice work!

  3. Thanks for the end page shoutout! This is a great design for a fun build. Nothing too complicated in there and it looks nice. Good work, Chris!

  4. It really is amazing to watch you use hand tools. I fight with saws and chisels and you cut through it like butter. The shelves look wonderful and there is no way anyone would know it is from reclaimed wood. Very nicely done as always, sir!

  5. Namaste Chris 🕉, that's a very simple and strong shelf 😊Thank you and I hope you and your loved ones are doing good 🕉

  6. I love the build Chris, very raw presentation as gritty as the wood & thank god someone else uses screws 😎🧐👍👍👍, I’m sure you like me doesn’t have hair care products stored upon it 😁😁👍👍👍

  7. Awesome videos just found your channel from Karl Popes channel, I am definitely keen to do some reclaimed wood projects after watching this👍 looking forward to following the journey 🙌

  8. Hi Chris, Great video. I really like the shelves and the joints are perfect. Fantastic work Chris. Take care. Cheers, Huw

  9. gee, wood cleans up so nicely, always blows my mind that you can take a length of what is effectively rubbish, sand and plane it, and it becomes brand new again. 🙂

  10. Hi mate , A no fuss and easy to follow demonstration , nice work as always from you Chris .👍
    Ps I will email soon with those photos etc Namaste my friend, Bram

  11. Ah! I love the smell of reclaimed timber in the morning! The rail fitting neatly into the notch at 13:10 is magnificently satisfying – I watched four times. Very neat and tidy as always Chris. Thank you for showing us mate. All God's blessings my friend.


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