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Irwin ChiselsHave I Found The Ultimate Chisel?

Have I Found The Ultimate Chisel?

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Have I found the perfect woodworking chisel? Stay tuned for more homesteading, off-grid living, & woodworking videos.


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  1. You may found the 'ultimate' chisel? But you didn't find the time to use it…
    And they didn't cheap out with the new side bevel design. The shallower shoulders come in handy for many uses. You might find out if you ever use your tools… 😉

  2. These are the videos I LOVE and MISS!! Still love the channel, Cody, and I understand you can't always do tool reviews or even don't want to, but these will always be my favorite types.

  3. I know this is late to the party, but I actually have a set of these chisels and they're awesome. I've been using them for years.

  4. They have an Irwin brand pole saw at my local store for around $30, ive been really tempted because I always struggle with the traditional style saws at work. The more I watch you use it the less I feel its a gimmick lol but it sure does look a bit silly

  5. Well, I bought them. The chisels are Ok and need a little work to flatten the back and sharpen them, but the machining is good enough. The mallet is not even worth it. It is NOT hardwood at all and is ridiculously small and light for real or amateur woodwork. A nice inexpensive addition to my small chisel collection.

  6. I just purchased the 3 pc. Irwin Marples chisels. I’m glad I watched this video because I just learned you have to “tune” these up before using. I debated getting the ones with the same handles because they were on clearance but decided on the resin heavy duty handles with the metal on the ends. They seem really well made like you said and I read on some forum that the Rockwell on these is somewhere in the 58-61.

  7. i happen to have both the Irwin Marples and the original Marples chisels. I do like the Irwin Marples but the original Maples are do fell much better when using. definitly higher quaity.

  8. Thank you for the excellent review. I was in the market for a new set of jobbing chisels when I stumbled upon your review. I was looking at the Irwin Marples soft grip chisel set with four chisels for just 29 pounds Sterling.
    Anyway, I'm in Scotland and I saw the chisels you reviewed – a set of six actually – for just 34 pounds. 6mm up to 32mm. Well, I did purchase a set of Knock off Narex chisels from Lidl for just £7 about four years ago, and, whilst they are a wee bit soft – like the Blue Stanleys – they take a good edge and are easy to sharpen onsite with sandpaper or a basic stone. I should add that I used them on a job where I had to chop out over 70 mahogany lock keeps and only had to hone them a couple of times.
    Up until our recent difficulties, I travelled to Japan once a year, and have always brought back a few items including saws and chisels. The saws I love, but the chisels and planes are a pain to hone, so I don't use them as much as my horny old English Stanley planes and European Chisels.
    Anyway, thank you for the insight into how they perform. Looked so good for the money – and I wouldn't be broken hearted if they were pinched on a job – that I went ahead and made the purchase.
    Much obliged!

  9. Actually, they are decent chisels…BUT no where the quality of the Record/Marples MS373 Splitproof chisels made from Sheffield steel in England. Compared to the Irwin/Marples chisels you have you clearly see the Irwin's cut a lot of corners in amount of steel and thickness, finish, handle quality, and especially the quality of the steel. Get some MS373 chisels made in England and compare them to your Irwin's….. you'll sell the Irwin's!

  10. You can’t beat a Good British Made tool!!! Not that I’m a Brit?!!!! Hehe 😂God Bless. My dad was a joiner and he’s lots of chisels. I told you before , I think??? When he died, I has a look at his tools. But when I bought my home, he gave me his bit and brace, that he used during his apprenticeship. He’s got some nice things. So I’m going to have to start some restorations. I can’t wait. 👍😉😄😜💕🙏


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