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Harbor Freight Biscuit Joinerharbor freight biscuit jointer hack

harbor freight biscuit jointer hack

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  1. With out looking at the speed limits on the disk you attach, that is one thing I would look at closely. Max RPM of disk ver the speed of the tool.😁🛫

  2. it's great when you can use a tool for something else. great tip thanks. I do have a question….does it turn in the opposite direction to the way it threads onto the tool so when it's in operation it doesn't come loose?

  3. Yeah, they are just grinders with the fence. If you like carving they sell a chainsaw carver for the grinder that really chips some wood. I carved reliefs in butcher blocks over Christmas. that's what I did when my fence broke.

  4. nice hack Dave! Been quiet. I think I saw a sticker with your name on it. Are you on with the sticker swap now? Have I sent you stickers?

  5. good stuff man-that's a good idea! -happy birthday bro! I wish you would have came up with this hack almost a year ago when i sold mine at a yard sLe for 5$lol oh well

  6. I have a Rockwell delta 4” jointer im restoring. Wish I woulda read the deadblow hammer comment. I couldn’t get the outer ring of the bearing out of the housing and I ended up grinding it down and was able to break the ring in half but man it was a lot of work. In terms of pressing the bearings on, how do I know how far to press the new ones on? Other than using this method via your puller, is there typically another tool used to push bearings on?

  7. How can you tell if the bearings are bad? I have a Delta 6inch jointer that im restoring and dont know if i should replace the bearings

  8. How did you go about getting the front housing off the bearing? The pulley side housing came off mine easily with a puller, but the front side doesn't want to budge. I'm left scratching my head on this one.

  9. I'm really sold on the Boeshield. I've made a note to pick some up. I've not seen another product work this good. Thanks!

  10. As usual a great video G.  I've been a long time user of T-9, and I did order some of the Rust Free a few years ago but darn if I can find it now so I ordered another bottle.  Normally when I buy a tool, often used, I do a full tear down and for any cast iron surfaces I use electrolysis to clean the rust off.  For smaller items like nuts and bolts I use Evaporust which is available from Harbor Freight too.  I think the Rust Free will add to my arsenal of tools to clean rust since there are times I want to clean parts in place on a tool.  Can't wait to try it on my neglected table saw.  Thanks again!

  11. Nice follow up G.  With the tie in to the bearing pressings it all comes full circle.  Would like to see your hand technique for sharpening if you feel up to it…know your busy.  I'll definitely pick up that little kit of both Boeshield T9 and Rust remover, on Amazon for $24…Amazing stuff.  Hopefully UK Amazon will get the Rust off for Baconsoda…might contact them and ask for it, they're usually pretty good about requests.  Thanks as always for you efforts and sharing, G!

  12. That is amazing stuff.  Did some research and I can get the T9 but that supplier doesn't do the Rust Off so they are trying to source it for me.  I hope they realise there is a market for it seeing as they sell one product.
    Don't apologise for boring us, you aren't because we can listen as well as watch and you are an interesting and knowledgeable guy. B.


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