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Harbor Freight Bar ClampHarbor Freight Bar Clamp Enhancements

Harbor Freight Bar Clamp Enhancements

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  1. I just added the pads to my Hf clamps, works great, thanks. I also removed the Tommy bar and glued on handles. I am liking these more since they work and are light. Getting more soon, probably 48". Thanks

  2. Great that you need a full joinery workshop to employ these enhancements, i usually work on my kitchen floor with a couple of mid priced power tools

  3. Thanks for showing your careful unpacking of the clamp pads. I tell my kids all the time: the right tool for the right job.

  4. I take it all back. After buying a few Universal clamps from Dubuque Iowa these things are junk. Universals cost more, but holy moley! They're about 9 times better than these junk HF clamps not to mention the latest version of the HF clamps now start jamming up after a few uses.I'm done wasting money on these things. My Universals are going to way out last these pieces of junk. My great grandchildren will probably still be using the Universals.

  5. Thanks for the tip. That works great and it makes the clamp more rigid and hardly no flex. Haven't tried the clamp pads yet but I'm sure that will work also. Thanks again..

  6. They have a newer model of these clamps where the "jaw" has pads and its longer. Right now with a coupon they are $11 for 60in ones

  7. Why people show off for stupid things. I made mine 2 years ago on table saw using 2×4 and sander. For jaws I glued the bicycle tire with trades out. I buy my tools at harbor freight and never been disappointed.

  8. These clamps are junk even with the mods added. I hated these types of clamps and they always broke on me and the handles never could handle extra torque loads to crank down the wood together, so I said screw it and made my own bar clamps and wow I will never ever get cheapies again. I made each bar clamp for the cost of these and they are 10 times stronger and have a nice wide surface that is flat to rest pieces on during glue ups. I might make a video in the future of making some of these as I have an amazing locking mechanism that I have not seen on any of these other clamps before and works far better.

  9. Great video. I have several of the HF bar clamps and I've done the wood spine. Love the idea of the pads. Will do that to all of them.👍

  10. I hope people who do not understand physics do not go out of their forte; "energy" going elsewhere is utterly not the point. It is the distortion per se that is undesirable. Please do not say energy going elsewhere because this is utterly nonsensical.

  11. Thanks you just saved me a trip to harbor freight lmao. I was going to get the aluminum bar clamps and put wood inside like people do- but shit not if the notches blow out! I’ll stick with besseys and pipe clamps like you mentioned 👍

  12. Got about 20 of the longer ones, just upgrade there center and clamp pads and you're set. So for less then the cost of one major brand name you can have a clamp on both sides. But the again I like to over distribut pressure.

  13. Most HF clamps are light to medium duty at best. Paul Sellers has a good video on reinforcing the hollow aluminum clamps with hardwood inside the square tube. I still buy the HF F-style clamps and use them until they wear out, then take them back for free replacement!


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