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Hand Saw For WoodHand Saw restoration Sandvik No 270 Rip saw PART...

Hand Saw restoration Sandvik No 270 Rip saw PART 1

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  1. As far as not cleaning the etched face all the way…..to preserve what remains of the etching? It’s kinda cool to preserve some of those Hurricane Sandy “watermarks”. They are now part of the history of a saw that I think you said was once your grandfather’s from the 1940s. I’m now retired….but I spent a significant part of my final working years providing a federal SAR response to New Orleans, Texas, New York, New Jersey etc etc. Having assisted and watched Americans respond to these catastrophic storms, I’ve often wondered if many of them kept items (antiques, tools, etc) to later restore them. You, sir, have proved to me that sometimes…..they do. Great video……and that razor blade as a cabinet scraper? Pure and simple genius!

  2. If you didn’t go to the etch with sanding you can use gun blue to bring your etch back then sand with sanding block it actually works great !!! Good luck

  3. I use a box cutter blade as well. I found a really neat handle for them at Home Depot. The handle allows a better grip on the blade. I've cleaned hundreds of saw blades exactly as you do.

  4. AHH! I'm such a goon! I rushed to get the handle done and screwed it up 2 steps before it was done. To "save time" I quickly ran a trim router over the back edges to round them off and gouged out a spot because depth adjustment loosened up on me. I'm sure it was my fault, but mannnn… don't worry though! I'll put in the video of the screw-up! And do the next one all by hand. Shazzbot!


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