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Commercial Wood PlanerGrizzly G0453Z Spiral Head Cut Quality & Out Feed Roller Embossing.

Grizzly G0453Z Spiral Head Cut Quality & Out Feed Roller Embossing.

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This video shows the results I am getting from my new spiral head planer. After contacting customer support this is what you are stuck with. Narrow softwood gets even deeper embossing. I can not recommend this model if you want a good finish. Look for one with a smooth or rubber outfeed roller to take advantage of the spiral head cut.
Update. I have recently received a rubber roller from Grizzly and made a new video about how this issue was solved.

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  1. I bought a Grizzly product, and had to work on it for a month before it could even be used. Their products are just trash in my opinion out of the box. If you want to devote time into repairing issues, then their decent. As for grizzlys customer service, a manager was supposed to call me, and never did. It wasn't until they saw my review videos, and bad written reviews they reached out to me. They did have the audacity to offer me a $100 gift certificate of I would just deal with the machine. I thought the 100 bucks was a joke, so I told them to keep it, and fixed the machine. Still to this day they have never tried to really make it right. They don't post accuracy reading on most products, the reviews on their website are screened (they have products with 60 reviews rated 5 stars, and you too over to a different site that's not owned by grizzly, and you'll see it has 2 1/2 to 3 stars sometimes. Very deceptive I would say, although legally they can post whatever content they want on their site. Another testament to the poor customer service is out of all the bad reviews I've written they have never responded like most companies do with the, "We are so sorry to hear about you issues. Please contact us at…" .

    Felder has exceptional products, and they aren't much more than the higher end grizzly, operatic etc. Felder is also highly accurate, the quality control is top notch, and they hold their settings well.

    If you are just starting out, and want something to get you by for a bit, but the dewalt bench too planer. I've planed over 1000 board ft through my old dewalt planer, and have never had one issue.

    Bottom line is save your money. You're going to have these tools forever. But a decent brand like felder, and you'll only have to buy it once. Not to mention you'll be super satisfied with how well they perform.

  2. These machines do NOT come from Grizzly set up to operate. You need to get your manual and Rotocator/Dial indicator and set the In-feed roller, Pressure bar and Out-feed roller from the BDC of your cutter-head. Your machine is Not set up if you are having these problems. I own a Grizzly G0454 20" with a helical head I installed.
    Never take for granted your machine came "set-up".

  3. Great review – thanks for taking the time – I've a c2001 grizzly 15" and get some of this but nothing quite as pronounced as here, and w/regular knife edge. This would have me thinking twice about "updating" my planer – Thanks.

  4. I'm glad I saw this video. I bought a used G1021 Grizzly planer and put newly sharpened blades in and I have these same marks on the wood. I thought it was from the blades. Great video. By the way, if there's anyone that sounds like Woody Harrelson, its you.

  5. Checked the Grizzly website and it now specified that the Infeed Roller is Serrated Steel while the
    Outfeed Roller is Rubber-Coated. Looks like they listened to you!

  6. For those following this channel. Grizzly has a shop fox version called Steelex, which appears to be manufactured in Taiwan. It doesn't have a solid Cast Iron infeed / outfeed….only rollers but i've seen pretty good reviews on their site and on Amazon. Might be an alternative.

  7. I'm planning on getting a planer, but wonder if i should still go with this. I don't think there is another planer in the same price range as this given its specs. If i went with this can i get this setup with all the changes you made ahead of time? Thanks .


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